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Originally Posted by Azzy
I have found in 5 years there is one mask i have not been able to fog, and that is my Vents Avatar. Ive tried v-force goggles straight form the box, in differnt flavors and fogged them right after being on the field.

Same with JT goggles, but the JT's will defog with the use of a fan. Maybe it is possible to fit the fan from the JT's to the Vforce, or even the upcoming Vents fan.
This is a bit OT, but- Ooo! I didn't know Vents was coming out with a fan! My Avatars haven't given me any problems w/fogging, but I wouldn't mind a little extra breeze to help cool me off.

Any clue as to when it's due to be released?
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I play with my visor on my profilers, and I am a ummmm, largish man and sweat very much, and I've yet to have any problem with them. My jt's would fog up tremendously, even with dual pane thermo lenses, but nothing on my profilers.
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I'm no scrawny skinny dude, so I sweat like a pig, and the only time I seem to have a problem of fogging my Morph's is when I travel down to Georgia to play. Even then i rigged up a Laptop Cooler fan to blow in from the left side.

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Profiler. I've been using one for about a year and a half thru some super hot and humid days and I've only had a bit of hazing here and there (mostly because I needed a new lens). Great goggs. I wear them without the visor or crown.

Andry : )

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