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I'd don't want to get drawn into a debate about what threading standard is technically superior and why, but I do agree on Autococker being the standard. This makes sense because it has been the defacto standard for years. Plus, there are a ton of barrels available in Autococker threads. It goes all the way back to the Autococker threads winning out over the Mag twistlock. You won't see a twistlock cocker body, but there are a lot of Mag bodies that take cocker barrels.
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Originally Posted by Daze View Post
98 threads. Short, sweet and to the point.
98 or 98c?

at least theyre noob-proof. impossible to misthread it.
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you win at everything forever.
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Originally Posted by GunRaptor View Post
I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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I prefer either the threads that are on a PGP, or PPS.
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
"WHY is that guy licking Criticals pants?"
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Originally Posted by Critical View Post
I prefer either the threads that are on a PGP,
So, A5 threads?
Sheridan Picture Thread
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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
UNF 15/16-20, Oversize GH-7 are the official threads

But it doesnt help that it appears some shops were doing just 15/16-20 threads instead, perhaps because the taps were much more common and cheaper. Some might have used similar metric sizes because it worked in there guns. Other shops were machining in threads, resulting in different specs as well.
I had always been under the impression that the main problem lie in there not being anything official, and lots of people have had somewhat different interpretations on what to use, some with better thought out reasons for their dimensions than others, coupled with varying tolerances. The 15/16-20 GH-7 mention that I've seen was a recommendation from AKA on what they use for a tap to allow for anodization growth not shrinking the fit to the point of being too tight (which can happen without an oversized tap), not an actual official specification.
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I've heard the GH-7 line a lot also, for the internal threads.

But what about the barrel threads?

From a toolmaker's perspective, the oversized internal threads are appropriate when you expect to have abrasive contamination on the threads. This is exactly what you'd want for field conditions, when you'd have to clean your barrel on the field.

The oversized internal threads are a moot point when the manufacturer decides to make oversized barrel threads to fit it. This wastes everybody's time, and is one of the inconsistencies that I've found from one manufacturer to another. (Simon, Invert sent me a barrel with oversized threads with my orange Mini.)

Meanwhile, if the manufacturer is making a gun that simply doesn't break paint, there is a huge quality gain if they tighten up their threads. I have two different guns that have never broken a ball in the entire time I've owned them. But in my experience, there have been numerous times when an AC barrel has loosened itself up on me.

In short: I am of the opinion that all barrels should be able to fit into GH4 threads, and that the manufacturer needs to take a lot of consideration into how they thread their bodies.

One more thing, and on a different subject, AKA javelin barrels are all 1.28 long, whereas all other barrels I've handled are 1.25. WTF?
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but to CPs defense you can get AC threaed phantom bodies too.
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Screw you guys. I <3 ICD threads. 2 1/2 turns and it's off.
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lets do a 3 lead quick turn thread like a CCI quick change. haha.

i honestly love the idea behind palmers slipfit with match honed barrels. just dont like the look really.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
In a perfect world what would have been the best universal barrel thread? This considering things like the common availability of tools, durability, and breech size?
ICD/Smart Parts Impulse Prototype Threads. 3 Turn removal, standard dash O-ring dampener, superior thread pitch and shear strength, single point threading. All that was standard, but I would shorten the thread relief/shank because the threads have uber shear strength.

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