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marker surprises

Ever buy a piece of equipment and then have it sit around for over a year due to being too busy to pay any attention to it, and when you finally get around to it, the marker or whatever has more surprises in it than a box of Crackerjacks?

This is why I'm selling off a bunch of my equipment, and bringing the collection down to manageable levels. I bought this Tippmann Model 98 Custom off of AO back in January of 2009, and finally get around this past weekend to opening it up and cleaning it out. ***NOTE*** - before I get into this description, take some things into account: I didn't inspect it immediately upon receipt, I did find the seller through my PayPal history but don't remember any of the details of the sale (so I could have been warned of these problems beforehand and just have forgotten), and as the FS thread has been deleted off of AO, I have no proof of how it was advertised. I am not writing up this post to have an enraged posse hunt the seller down and string him up (no, I won't name him), I'm posting this to share the strange stuff I found in a used marker, and see if anyone else has similar funny stories to share.

Like I was saying, bought this M98C for the wife over a year ago, and it had been sitting around while I moved the family halfway across the state, changed jobs, watched our daughter learn to walk, and a myriad of other tasks that have kept me from messing with the marker. I finally am getting around to messing with all of our gear and had just enough time to tear into this marker this past weekend. My first marker was a M98C (still have it and use it often, by the by), and it generally doesn't take me long to tear one completely down, clean and lube everything, and then put it back together (not quite this fast, but I'm close), so I thought I could knock this one out - clean it, lube it, change the drop, and get it back together - in the hour I had free.

In the tear down I start noticing oddities - the drop and ASA that are currently on the marker are missing one of the two screws that hold the ASA onto the drop, and in place of the missing screw is a big heaping glob of epoxy. Not a show stopper, as I'm replacing that part anyway, but it does cue me in to start looking a lot closer at the marker. Next missing is the screw to close off the blowback return. This particularly M98C had either a Cyclone or RT system on it, neither of which came with it (nor were they expected or purchased, I've used them both and don't care for either of them), and the blowback return outlet out the side of the marker was standing wide open. No problem there, I have a ton of parts for these markers and had the required seal screw to fix that little potential leak.

Finally get around to taking the body screws out and taking a peek inside at this point. Not only is this one of the dirtiest M98C's I've seen in a while (and my personal one had been sitting uncleaned in my gear bag since May, with several broken balls gumming up the chamber area, but this one was worse) - rust, crud, old paint thickened into a glue almost, and just dirt everywhere. Not only that, but it's missing one of the trigger pins; not a show stopper, but annoying that I have to dig back into my parts bin and throw a pin into the body. I clean the flinger from stem to stern, leaving the valve in there (not a lot of threads on those, and I've stripped them out overtightening valve screws in the past, so I leave the valve and body in if at all possible), and get it all back together with the new drop and ASA. Unfortunately, it's longer than I had figured and of the steel-braid hoses I've got, none are quite short enough. Close enough to leak like a sieve and bend to a disturbing angle, but not close enough to use. Part of the problem is that this 98 Custom does have the CO2 expansion chamber kit on it, which I don't see the use for (we use mostly HPA, even on our M98Cs), so I decide it's time for that piece to be pulled and sold off to someone who wants it, so I can use one of my long hoses from the ASA direct to the valve.

Which brings us to our last surprise - one of the valve screws is all wallered out, and I can't get a grip on it with any of my allen wrenches. This is the point where I put everything down and walked away from that project. What should have been a project that lasted all of an hour, if even that, has suddenly taken up three hours of time, and the marker still isn't in working order, or even whole, as it's still in pieces awaiting the time I can go digging for my screw extractors to get that valve screw out. Which I have a replacement for in my parts bin, thankfully, but of course I've got to get the first one out. Just hope I don't strip out the threads in the valve body, and have to get a new valve. I think at that point I'd salvage what parts I could and sell off the unneeded parts (who really needs a spare body for their M98C when they don't plan on doing any mods to the body?) and get an Azodin Kaos for the wife's drop-dead simple marker option.

So that was my marker surprise for the weekend. I won't even go into the story about buying another M98C advertised as "in perfect working order" that was missing half of its innards - though I did catch that one immediately upon receipt - but I'm sure most of you have seen some weird **** in your days. What fun marker surprises have you received lately? Any stress points held together by half the number of screws they should have and epoxy?
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got a dye matrix
opened it up and it had a freeflow bolt kit and ironman breach
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I bought a $10 Shocker that worked, but needs one solder joint replaced.
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The "perfectly timed no leaks" autococker has both a leak and needs timing. Oddly I don't mind too much as I bought it to learn how to tech and time them correctly.

Or finding a level 10 kit on a Mag and not expecting it there.
Where you expecting something funny here?

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I bought an M98 where the former owner used sheet metal screws and then epoxy to put the ASA back on
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Originally Posted by sunshaker View Post
Or finding a level 10 kit on a Mag and not expecting it there.
I've had that happen to me too
Unfortunately, it happened to be my first mag and knew nothing about them. I couldn't figure out why the parts in my MinIMag didn't match up with the diagrams I found online
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Bought a Prolite off of ebay for parts. Came with extras seller claimed.

Shows up in great condition + 2 CO2 tanks, NXe Pod pack, AA barrel,
Remote coil, 2 pods, and one of those disposable CO2 setups from
WalMart complete with fittings.
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My friend bought a Trracer for $40 and it came with a functioning Chameleon kit that was never mentioned before he got it. I haven't personally had any extras or anything come with anything I've bought .

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My friend bought some used no name collapsible stock for his 98c off of eBay. Well he won it for $5 plus shipping. He received it and it was brand new BT Stock, not a no-name one. There was also a AK-Wooden fore grip barrel thingy made by Tac-Camo brand new too in the box...and the seller told him he could keep it.
Not really a marker necessarily but awesome non the less...

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I found a dead mouse in a BT m16 barrel shroud.
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