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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
Except a VM-68/PMI-3 would beat the fire into submission with its 12lbs of heavy metal awesomeness.
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
I propose an updated rule. If your gun catches on fire and you continue to play, including firing the marker, you win.
Some hydrogen filled bunkers would make the x-games entertaining.
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What we need now is composite Hopper shells that can insulate the PB.
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Originally Posted by Odjur View Post
The reason we did thid video is to prove exactly that, Composite platic is VERY durable.

But mostly it was because some guy over on PBN told us that "your gun sucks, it would break if you lit it on fire" so we did exactly that
the same guy also told us that it would break if you run it over with a car or throw it from a 2-story building, so we did those videos aswell.

i love you

where's the thread for that? i want to see what that moron said after you posted those videos.
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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
Except that if you did the same thing with a gun these days, the cheap pot metal frame would rip like toilet paper...
you mean tippmanns?

most guns now adays are made with good grades of aluminium. the cheaper markers are 2000 and the expensive ones are 6000 or 7000.
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Originally Posted by dark_controller View Post
I am a fag.
Originally Posted by dark_controller View Post
thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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