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First Strike usage

What is happening with First Strikes?
Are they be used?
Have any fields banned them?
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Not so much banned as not allowed yet where I play. At the field I play, Hell Survivors, they're concerned about the severity of the hits from them as well as the fact that they've gone to great trouble to get a color for their field paint that First Strikes do not and cannot come in.
The first strikes contain only half as much paint as a regular paintball, with the necessary ingredients there's not enough room to get dye in there in anything but light pastels.
In addition they don't make a hit as big as a paintball.
Hell Survivors' geniuses came up with a plan, make the fill the same light blue as the grenades and ref them as grenades(at HS even a speck of light blue and you're out), but there isn't enough interest in them to justify an order of them from what I've heard. Hardly anyone has a gun that'll shoot them yet...

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It's extremely hit or miss

As of right now, some fields don't allow them for fears of livestock eating the plastic. Some fields, that are field paint only, can't buy enough of it to "fill match" their field paint, and don't want to cause confusion on the field (for instance, their field paint breaks orange, but you are shooting FS rounds that break white, etc)

I've noticed that fields that tend to allow stock class paintball, with CO2 catridges and airsoft, tend to allow them.

Just be ready to have someone shoot you from pretty damn close to prove that the aren't dangerous and they don't blow holes in concrete, etc.

I've had to shoot myself so many times with these rounds, to prove to everyone that they are safe, I can't even count. It's only fair that if I'm going to be shooting them at other people, that I should be able to take one from close range (less than 30 feet) to prove my case.

I would personally check with the fields you frequent, and with the promotors of any scenario games you frequent before making a relatively massive purchase of FS rounds. I'd hate to have ya buy 10 cases of FS rounds, just to shoot them in your backyard.

I've shot myself at least 50 times with these rounds, don't know what the fuss is, they break like every other paintball, bare skin and all
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First Strike come in White fill for everyone usage and they have blue as field only color(not available for purchase to regular people).

Now they also come in box of 40 and 100rounds and better pricing already than their previous tube so yeah field shoud look into them.

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I've never had an issue. Use them all over.
I live again, so it would seem.....
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I have played at 4 different events where they were legal and in use...

The users love them. Most have been very cool about avoiding up close shots with the rounds.

I have not been hit yet, but I am sure it is just a matter of time.


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I can use them, they are fun but expensive.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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not only are they allowed at our local fields and events, we are getting special roles and missions JUST for first strike users!
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Because almost all the fields around here are FPO (at like $200 a case) it will be hard for them to catch on.
First Strikes, in terms of performance really are the ****. They work, and they work silly well.
The problem is still the relatively very high cost and the fact that it's not easy to fire them out of most guns, and that's not going to change quickly if at all.
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Just don't let field owners see this: YouTube - First Strike vs Paintball - Degradation Test - Update #2
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