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C3 Contest: The Devistator

This story is almost exactly one year old, and was made when the Underground Mod Shop was only a basic idea, instead of the gigantic paintball juggernaut that it is today (lol j/k) and I present it for your consideration and entertainment: Originally posted on A5OG:

The Devastator

The story (part 1)
This is one of my UMS Skunk Works Projects that you've seen pics and parts for posted here over the last few months. It's been an ongoing process of design/build/scrap/start over etc for the last 4 months or so when I first got the idea of what I wanted to make and what I wanted to do with it (more on that later). I've currently got over 100 hours labor in this gun alone, not counting the parts and raw aluminum stock and powdercoating etc. It has been a labor of love.

The Specs-
Tippmann A-5
Polished internals, cut the fin/lip on receivers, stripped/polished Tippmann badge, modified 98 Custom Flatline with vented shroud and 2 6" side rails and a full length under rail sporting a heavy gunner grip, Bipod, Striker Rail w/2 side rails, Egrip with UMS 3 way adjustable trigger and shelf plug, UMS Magwell with modified Hk .308 mag and two 3" side rails, SpecOPS side entrance tombstone, 4 position gas thru CAR stock hiding a Palmers Inline Stabilizer w/gauge and attached over a JCS Rear Velocity Adjuster, All metal bits powdercoated semi glosss Olive Drab green and painted trigger housing to simulate real grips. Shown with Swat Force tactical light and Tasco 3x9 scope (usually don't play with these on).

The Pictures:

Part 2 of the Devastator story will be posted at the end of this week...
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The Devi-stator Part 2

And now the rest of the story…

Some of you might have noticed the “typo” in the name of this gun part of the time I posted about it. Well, it’s not “really” a typo. I named it after one of our outstanding members here and his shortened nickname is Devi-d

You may wonder why I named it after him. Well this is where the Part 2 of the story really starts in.

About 4 months ago, shortly after starting up the Underground Mod Shop, a thought kept nagging in the back of my mind. I wanted to do something for at least one of the folks that got me where I was today. I know your thinking, what in the World did a 12 year old (now 13) kid do to help an old gimpy man in another state start up a home based paintball oriented machine shop? Well, actually, nothing. I’ve only PM’d him a few times and never even seen him face to face. I haven’t even played a game of paintball with him although I’d dang sure like to.

I’ve been a member here since June of 2004, just over a year now. In that time I’ve seen many highs and lows here on the OG. One of the “feelings” I always got (and still get) is that of community and camaraderie. DevastationD has posted help and assistance many times over the last year I’ve been an A5OG member. He’s advanced thru the ranks to become a Moderator of the Young Guns Forum with no help from his dad. The Mods and Admin staff voted him in before ~Finsec even knew about it. He has won many awards playing paintball with the Pukin Dogs Scenario Team. He is a fine upstanding player in every regard.

He is the epitome of the future of paintball and the future of the A5OG.

To the best of my knowledge there are no real “Paintball Scholarships”…. Well now there is one. Use it in the sprit it was created Devi-D….

I originally wanted to go to Tennessee and play paintball with ~Finsec and Devi-D and in the middle of the game trade guns w/DD and then let him continue to play with it thru the day and at the end of the day, say “Hey man, lets just trade for good”. That way I’d end up with another A-5 to start in on, and he’d have the Devi-stator.

Time constraints wouldn’t allow me to travel and accomplish this, so I had to do it in the mail. I planned on sending the Devi-stator to ~Finsec and he would send me Devi-D’s gun in return so I’d be able to hack on something. Well in a phone conversation with ~Finsec, he graciously changed his mind.

Without any real warning Fin dropped the bomb on me… instead of getting a mildly modified A-5 to start back in on (Devi’s gun), he’s sending me the one and only Vulcan. Wow. Here it was I thought I was doing something nice, and it turns out that I’m the one honored with this.

The Vulcan was ~Finsec’s first A-5. It’s a low serial number, Crazy RT hotrod. It’s capable of an insane amount of firepower… more than any A-5 ought to pull. It is one of the A-5 enigma’s on this forum.

All I can say in the end is “Thanks”

Thanks to Devi for being the future of what I hold dear. Thanks to ~Fin for being the dad that he is to the boy and the friend he is to me.

I can’t wait to play ‘ball with you gents.


PS I’ll know the secret, but I promise I’ll never reveal it.
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