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Shopping for a mask...opinions welcome!

Well, I have been using JT Spectras for about the last 13-14 years and realized in the past couple of years that they are not that comfortable when wearing for full day. I haven't done many scenarios in the course of my paintball-playing days but they have all been within the last couple of years. The high density foam blocks dig into my large melon and by the end of the day, it's downright uncomfortable! Besides, I think it's time for a change.

So I am shopping around and found out that getting a mask that fits my needs and wants isn't all that easy...

Need a thermal lens...not the coated lens that seem to lose their effectiveness quickly. Originally was leaning to a V-Force Profiler but have read the antifog capabilities fade fast.

I have a large head...I mean really large. A buddy loves his I4s and claims they never fog so I figured they might suit me. Until I tried them on! Pretty small on my melon and leaves a good bit of my face and jaw exposed. I work with the public in a professional setting so I really don't something that will leave my face so exposed. Not to say that some seeping wounds would make me look that much worse...

I want earth tones. Prefer not an all black mask and don't want colors. I am a woodsballer at heart and don't want a bunch of flashy stuff.

I prefer to have a visor. Seems visors are becoming more rare in the newer masks these days. Too bad...

For those hot days I would like to have a fan. Only a couple of masks out there have fans available.

Not crazy about the E-Vents masks...don't know why but they just haven't interested me much. Also not crazy about the JT masks - would prefer to not just get more JTs.

Same buddy with the I4s HATES the Sly Profit's he just bought and promptly sold them. Wanted to steer clear of those...

I won a Proto Switch EL at Hell Survivors this year and I am going to get a thermal lens ASAP as they mask isn't too bad. I would prefer a mask a bit nicer and more comfy but will be using the Proto for the upcoming pump games at Sherwood Forest until I can find something I like better.

Any opinions out there? Are the V-Force Profilers (what I would prefer) a good choice? Is fogging a problem soon after getting them or are those reports overblown?

Thanks in advance...
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I think Avatars come in somewhat subdued colors, and their thermal lenses are awesome, haven't had a problem with fog in two years with mine. I also found their foam to be more durable than that on Profilers, which seemed to need replacing fairly often. They do come with a visor, but no fan available, so you'd have to rig your own.

But going back to the Profilers, those damn lenses never worked right for me. Fogged right up, new out of the box or used but meticulously cared for. That was a comfy mask with great field of view and a good visor, but the foam and lenses...they're why I switched to Avatars.
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Originally Posted by JKR View Post
I won a Proto Switch EL at Hell Survivors this year and I am going to get a thermal lens ASAP as they mask isn't too bad. I would prefer a mask a bit nicer and more comfy but will be using the Proto for the upcoming pump games at Sherwood Forest until I can find something I like better.

Any opinions out there?
i was going to recommend the proto switch fs. i don't think they make that anymore though. same as the el, just soft bottom. i like mine even though they're a little bigger than necessary on anybody.

one of the reasons i would recommend it is because when i bought mine the a clear thermal lens was standard, hearing your story makes me think it is no longer the case.
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i agree with diomedes avatars are great. there super comfortable and they have super quick lens replacement.
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I always used Scott or JT masks. I got some profilers and really like them. I did have some fogging issues with the clear lens once on a really hot and steamy day but just that one time. I think it was more of a ventilation issue than anything. They're very comfortable for me.

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I use both a proto FS and a V-force (the one with the moving protector below the chin).

I have a long face so protection is VERY IMPORTANT for me. I like my proto (very easy lenz change and visor). But by far the best protection for a long face and big head is my v-force.

They come in a lot of colors and since they have been out a while they are very reasonable in price. NOTE I said V-Force not v-force GRILS.

Lens changing is very easy and they do come with a visor.

The fogging issue (as I stated on another post) was stopped by fog-doc product.

But overall with ANY MASK you really need to try it on.

Just my 2 cents.

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Try the BT Invert Avatar Woodland Camo mask I really like mine. I used V-Force Profilers for 13 years before I bought the E-Vents.
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fogging is ALWAYS a problem from my experience here in Tampa

I always prefer to triple up my protection against fogging. I use FogDoc, thermal lense, AND a fan

I've got a pretty fat head also, I'm 6'5" 210 and the Proto Pro Axis fits me great. You can even adjust the soft ears / chin in two settings (skinny face & wide face) for a better fit. Plus you can also add the goggle fan, which has saved me quite a few times in the worst of humidity / fogging conditions

I rock a sweet fat face double chin, and the Proto Pro Axis fits me pretty nicely

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Proto axis huh? I'm been using a vents for a long time now, and usually not an issue, but I wear glasses, and fogging (not on the mask) but on my glasses is an issue.

I might have to look into the proto since it has a fan. The fan is a big plus. Used it all the time with my JT masks.

I suppose it's time to look around for something new.
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Carter, Ive been using glasses lately with the I4s, if you can squeeze your head in them then you wont have a fogging issue at all.
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