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MCB, you've ruined me.

When I joined MCB i was a casual player toting a trusty 98 custom. Now here I am 6 months 3 nelsons and a cocker later. What have you done to me?
Edit: Its spreading. Time to thin the herd.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
Originally Posted by CrazyRuskii View Post
I can see it now, a mini van full of priests going 80mph through a suburb blasting metallica....

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that completely normal! Then you will start buying the expensive stuff. Beware!

You can always give me the extra whoring you do :P
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Trade history for me since joining

Buy G3 Now for sale

Buy kaner swap for fishbone
swap fishbone and money for phantom
phantom is now for sale

Buy PMI-1
Trade for insert kit

MCB is a love/hate thing. You hate the BS/T but you love the deals.
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i am starting to feel like wanting a kp
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ive owned like 2 cockers, 2 mags, a buzzard, and god knows what else since i joined mcb. and ive been playing for 6 years before that...not even gonna count the electros.
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you win at everything forever.
(11:26:32 PM) Mayvik: PS where the **** have you been?
Originally Posted by GunRaptor View Post
I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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Since I came back less than a month ago...One Trilogy one AKALMP Already had a Traccer and tigershark sitting in the garage I found too. waiting to get more more more! Countless other guns since the 90's when I started. More of a gun whore I keep 2-4 around and trade back and forth.
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since i started early january it's been 2 98 customs, a trillogy pump, traccer, a5, a dynasty impulse, an ion, a tpx, a t8, a t9, an x7, an x7 phenom, a prolite ,and a pre 2k autococker
and those are the ones i can think of of the top of my head
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Since coming to MCB I haven't whored a single gun. SCOUTS HONOR
say otherwise?
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Story of my life. I came here a two-case per 8 hour scenario player, with nothing but electronic guns.

Now I have one electro, a 'Mag, a DSG, a DRV on the way, 2 Armotech Zeuses, and a TPX.

If this is the effect MCB has on people maybe more people need to start joining up here
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In the time since I joined MCB, I've owned probably about 50-60 guns. I don't know the exact number, some were bought just to flip, some were bought to play with(then never were).

Edit: So I joined May 2008, it's been 27 months since then...which means I've gone through approximately 2 guns a month. Which isn't even that bad compared to some people on here.
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