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Okay - check it out. A LOT of paint in the air - a lot of semi's playing. The ref's look like they were taking SOME hits - but not bad. This, kids, is called trigger control.

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Relative to the amount of paint flying, it seemed very controlled, and when the game was stopped for an injury, it stopped within a second or two of the horn.
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Biggest waste of paint I ever shot.
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lots of me and bryce in there. none of our times going up and over though ... damn.

i looked like this after going over the top 5 times:

love the twilight zone intro ...

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did you have to deinterlace the video? i'm seeing afterimages, not sure if it's youtube or not.
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just realized im at 1:00 chillin and 1:35 in the hawian shirt with the phantom lifting my phantom and not my head haha
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