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Six Point Five
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Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: joliet illinois

Ive owed in the past cockers, ion, sp1, etek 1, etek 3 am, phantom, pmr, dm.

Currently own CCM S5 pump and an Etek 3 lt. Ordering a S6.5 next month.
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Location: California

gonna try to think of all the markers i've owned in the past but it'll be impossible.

spyder xtra w/ sprint electric frame
2002 w.s. aced angel lcd
gz timmy (2)
dark ir3
sft shocker
dynasty shocker sft
2k2 timmy
texas storm timmy
naughty dogs timmy
bob long team ironmen ripper
tequila matrix
tequila sunrise matrix - one was ninja (2)
ironmen matrix (2)
prototype ironmen timmy
rhasta fade w/ marijuana leaves ironmen timmy
2001 gold dark cocker
2002 dye autococker
entourage victory
regular bob long victory (4)
ripper victory
bob long protege (2)
smart parts ion (2)
psychoballistics lightning pump-first and only pump (lol)
all chrome kapp flame autococker
1of1 raw flawed tequila/tequila sunrise matrix
mamba ir3
dynasty waffle shocker
dynasty shocker nxt (2)
99 chrome r/f cocker
dm6 (3)
dm7 (3)
dm9 (5+)
ironmen dm9
ego5 (3+)
ego6 (3+)
macdev cyborg (3+)
macdev droid
1 of 12 legacy droid
pm6 (3+)
pm7 (3+)

so much more.... i <3 paintball.
My Feedback Thread.
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Location: Watertown, MA
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Uhhh jeeze I started playing in 97? I've been a whore, but probably not a dirty filthy whore like some of you!

In sorta/kinda order:

Pre-CVX Tippmann Carbine
Standard feed classic Automag
Right Feed Minimag
Right feed 98 Autococker
Right feed 98 Minicocker
Sterling Sovereign 1
CCI Unibody Phantom
SP S/F Shoebox Shocker
Eclipse Autococker - magma fade
AKA Merlin Autococker
ULE Automag
ULE Warp Automag
Tippmann 98 Custom
Raced Freeflow Lotus Autococker
BBT Westwood Autococker
WDP Dark LED Angel
Ripper Autococker
BPS SP Lite Twister Autococker
CCI VSC Phantom - woodland camo
CCI VSC Phantom - black
WDP Apollo LCD Angel
99 STO Sniper
Tippmann Prolite
Tippmann A5 MP5
Shocktech SFL Minicocker
SP 2002 Shoebox Shocker - turbo
PTP Micrococker - jungle nights
Eclipse Ego7
Twin Tiberius8s
Palmer PUG - k-framed
ULE Eclipse'd Automag
Karnivor CCM'd Sniper
BPS Express Autococker
BPS Evo Twister Autococker (Sniper) - CURRENT
Right feed Minimag
CCI Phantom - black - CURRENT

I'll add more as I remember them...

Dark Lord of The S.M.I.T.H.
BPS Twister Sniper
BPS Autococker Gallery
MCB Feedback Thread

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Rec Poster
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Join Date: Aug 2011

Wannabe Whore here:

Have had:
Tippy 98 Custom (Traded)
Spyder TL-R (Gave that **** away)
Prostock Autococker 2k4 (Traded)
Spyder E99 (Traded)
Crossman Training Pistol .43 (Traded)
Tippy Carver One (Traded)
Spyder MR2 (Traded)

What I currently own:
2x Sheridan PGP 2k1
Smart Parts SP1
Autococker Trilogy
A VERY Special A5 Krinkov
Crossman 3357
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Location: Indiana

Some of you people are insane!

from first to last-
98 custom (still own)
spyder vs3 (still own, lnib never used lol)
extreme rage rebel extreme
vl triad
brass eagle tiger shark
98 custom #2
tippmann A-5
cci phantom
wgp prostock
Infinity legend
06 evil minion
pm6 (still own)
empire trracer (still own)
fep quest
05 dynasty sft
2k5'ed dragon Intimidator (still own)
alias (still own)
shocktech nxt (on its way)
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Location: americas finest city

brass eagle talon pump
03 vert cocker... changed over the years to eblade and then to pump ccm kit (own)
dye matrix
dm6 (own)
dm12 (just sold)
trauma matrix (own)
ironmen matrix (03) (own)
One of a kind matrix im not gonna specify (own)
phantom pump
reflex dye cocker pump ccm
06 speed angel
angel lcd w/ lady trigger
naughty dogs timmy (own)
reflex rail
11 rail (own)
dynasty nxt shocker
m7 ul (girlfriend owns)
ego 8
ego 6... im probly leaving some out...

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Christian Baller
Join Date: May 2011

I have only been playing for about 5 months:

Tipmann 98c (sold)
Azodin KP (Sold)

and im getting an Trilogy Competition next week trading for the ION
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Vancouver, BC

Brass N Wood Fan
a splat master
a trillogy
a wgp nightkast
soon a vm68
Feed Back Thread
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Stock class SPAM
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Location: Honolulu, HI

I started in 88?

Nelspot with pump mod, electrical tape/ black tube stick feed.
PMI-1 DF (broken valve, still have, want to fix)
Splatmaster Rapide (broke then trash)
SL-68 (where did this go?)
SL-682 (own but its given up on life)
Z-1 (sold)
F-1 Illustrator (sold)
Tippmann Pro-lite (sold)
Puma (sold it after one game and bought the gun below)
BB SC Phantom (own. Thank the gods I bought this!)
Autococker (sold)
Spyder (sold)
AFT (sold)
Boxgun (sold, that was a mistake! I didn't know about carter's back then...FML)
VSC Phantom (own)
Punisher's Sig Series #2 Phantom (own)
Phantom (own)
Franken Phantom (own highest use now. Built from scrap parts LOL)
Automag (gifted to me, still have)
Tippmann Pro-Lite (came with the Mag)
Odell's rifle stock Phantom (own, waiting on USPS delivery...)
Phantom (in works)
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is reloading
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
The question should be how many guns have you paid for and used, then disposed of, that's true whoring.
Nobody keeps a whore after paying for her
On that note

3- 98's
3- A5's
1- Double Trouble - 2 more A-5's
3- SL68 II - Originals
2 AGD Tac 1's
1-AGD E-tac 1
2 WPG Auto-Cocker
3 KP-3
2 Palmers Blazers
2 Nasty Typhoons
1-Nasty Hurricane
1- Etek
1- Etek 2
1- Etek 3
2- CCI Phantoms
1- POS spyder

30 in all

What I have now
Etek 2&3
2 Phantoms
1 POS spyder

My Whoring days are over - I can quit, really I can.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat
on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
Revelations 6:8

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