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I think I hit 45 or 50 before I stopped buying markers. I'll have to post a list later...
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Ive probably had hundreds of markers go through my hands, I whore for a living.
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My son and I started playing about the first of this year, as we purchased our first markers for Christmas. In the past 10 months I have purchased the following and currently own all the following. Most recent first:

Sanchez Machine SM-1
Azodin Kaos Pump
Empire AXE
DP E1 x2

Now while I have seem a lot of you sell off your unwanted markers, I pass them around and let my friends that do not have one or would like to try something different use them...Does that make me a pimp?

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I used to paintball...?
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Yes... yes it does. Also, can we be friends?
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1 Spyder xtra 04
1 Spyder pilot 09
3 Icd b2k
1 Icd Puma
1 Icd MI Bko ( still know where it is )
2 Icd Bko
1 Zap zxs e600
1 Brass eagle stingray II
1 Brass eagle raptor
1 Warsensor Zeus
4 Evil omens
2 Icd freestyles
1 pm5
1 dm5
1 alien interceptor
1 pgp
1 FEP quest
4 angels
1 tribal
2 autocokers
1 promaster
1 invert mini ( for a few hours )
1 defiant
1 pmr 07 ( Girlfriends now )
1 vibe
1 mr1
3 vl Orion's

Probably missing a few... But that's almost everything I've owned.
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No bunkers necessary, and your yard will look lovely!

My feedback:

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