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Post Whore
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Newfoundland, Canada

Currently I have:
2 - PM8
1 - Phantom
1 - Karnivor Pump
1 - CCM S6

I've drastically cut back.

My old collection had...
2 - Infinity Legend
1 - 06 Ego
1 - 08 Ego
2 - Invert Mini
1 - Tippmann TPX
1 - NXT Shocker
1 - SFT Strange Shocker
5 - Ions
2 - Karnivors
1 - Bob Long Alias Intimidator
1 - Tippman 98C
1 - Classic Automag
1 - PTP Micromag
2 - PM8
1 - CCM S6
5 - CCI Phantom
1 - Sniper pump
1 - Reflex pump
2 - Warsensor Zeus G1+

And I'm probably forgetting a few more...
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Avoiding Lord Stanley...
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Location: Cin City

I'm a reformed marker hoarder/whore, it's down to:

6 A4 Flys- (I had 10 of them)
1 workhorse
4 retired
1 for sale

2 Nastys
1 Houndstooth
1 P68
1 Sovereign
1 P68sc that hasn't arrived yet
and 2 or 3 Tigersharks that I keep around for laughs

At one point I think I had 50 some markers and have had easily 100+ in the 10 years I've been playing... It had to stop at some point
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I've wanted to do this list of the past year and a half (as in these past through in the past year and a half or so), although I know I'm leaving some out....

Prostocks- 5
Orracles- 3
Halfass Gothic- 1
Rudy Cocker- 1
98 Cockers- 4
03 Viking- 1
04 Viking- 1
Featherlite Viking- 1
05 Ego- 1
Mag Pistol- 1
ULE Mag- 1
Minimags- 2
Automags- 3
PGP- 2
Angel LED- 4
Angel LCDs- 4
Angel 2k3 LCD- 1
Impulse- 1

So, 37 or so. I know I'm leaving a few out too. Most never see the field with me.

This doesn't count my E2 PGP or my current build project
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Underdog? I got your back
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Lets see, just some that have I have gotten my dirty mitts on...

Well, I guess I am not quite the Whore I thought I was
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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MQ2 Pumper!
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Location: San Diego, CA

Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
as of right now my count is 83ish
Holy crap, that is a lot for 8 years!

I've been playing for 4 years and I'm at 22, not even at half that.

Here are mine, and not necessarily in order;
1 Spyder
2 Shockers
3 Protos
1 ETek
1 Timmy
5 Cockers
2 Snipers
3 Tracerrs
1 Bushmaster 2k
1 Invert Mini
1 Phantom

Currently in gearbag is a sniper and a mech cocker waiting for parts to come in.

I have done well in holding onto one sniper the past couple if years. Almost sold it, but I was convinced to keep it. I'm glad I did.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After some careful consideration over the past 11 years....

2 Tippmann X7
2 Tippmann 98c
2 Freestyles
1 Angel IR3 C&C
1 DM4
1 DM5
1 Rat Impulse
1 Freak Impulse
1 2006 Ego
1 2004 Excalibur
3 Mechanical Spyders
3 Ions
1 Sniper III
5 Phantoms
2 Sheridan SB
1 Sheridan LB
2 KP2s
1 Brass Nelson
2 Direct Feed Taso Nelsons
1 Bushmaster
1 Duckslide Phantom
1 Brass Eagle Raptor
1 Tiberius 9
2 Tiberius 8
1 Tiberius 8.1
1 Dark Shocker
1 Brass Eagle Eradicator
1 Brass Eagle Marauder
2 Vulcan Series 5000
1 Zap GX-1000
1 Highlander Excalibur
For Sale/Trade
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Well i caught the MCB whoring bug the day I joined. I had managed to keep one gun (a spyder pilot ACS) for 3 years (albeit i wasn't playing much in those 3 years but still)but since march of last year (my join date) i have gone through 30 something markers (and i'm sure i am leaving some out)... oh and i forgot to mention I'm a minor with no job

these are just off the top of my head

Spyder pilot ACS
2X Invert mini
Tippy A5
2 SA-8s
04 viking
Classic mag with splash kit and chimera frame
Dallara pneumag
Redz ion
Dragon bodied sniper
LAsered Ebladed S5
1k Blazer
Classic mag (normal one this time)
Razor wire bodied SC sniper
jackal RDL
BE blade (doesn't really count)
Rap 4 gen 3 T68
PB lightning sniper

and more that I know I'm forgetting

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Location: Finland

I only got the Palmers bug when I joined. I have 3 of their guns and sold all other guns I had. Thank god I didn't catch any other expensive bugs like CCM, or Carter ones

I've had only about 10 guns in 9 years anyway.
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jus a fat hawaiian !!!
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lost count after 56 . 16 jus this year. most notable , i sold an ego ten for 250 cash and a ping golf club set .
my feedback

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ton up boy
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Location: Finland

Total count around 60ish. (who can even remember)

E2 superstock
CCM´d prostock

Wife makes me a whore and keeps me from hoarding.
I try to have one good each at a time, as in: one OC pump, one SC, one Pistol etc. Still need one double barrel though
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