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The Man With No Plan
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Location: Oregon City, OR

Originally Posted by baader View Post
Still need one double barrel though
dont we all
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: New York

Currently Have:

A5 - needs a new tombstone
CCI Phantom - J-Curt 90* frame
Milsig Paradigm
Upgraded Ion

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Hoarder not Whore
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Location: Florida's doormat

I'm more of a collector

I have...


Tippmann Pro-lite
68 classic mag
ACP 2.0 pistol
5 VM's in various configurations
Daystate SAM Patriot

And Pumps...

Sheridan LB
Azodin KP
A Pump mag

I'm really not into whoring I like to keep them to have them. Not that I will really ever use some of them again but just knowing that their tied up and gagged in the basement makes me happy.
Will I go blind if I polish my Brass everyday?

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I got 99 Problems
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Location: and Maine ain't one

Originally Posted by fatfaka808 View Post
lost count after 56 . 16 jus this year. most notable , i sold an ego ten for 250 cash and a ping golf club set .

I still own all the guns I've bought (three + two talons and pre-recall blade Turbos) and the one gun I've won (custom TPX )

never selling any of them either
My Feedback

Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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jus a fat hawaiian !!!
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Location: 50th STATE

Brass and Wood Fan
Kilt Club
i think it was more curiosity than whoring . i jus really wanted to try as much guns as i can
my feedback
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I like spray paint
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: SW Washington


26 - Autocockers
8 - Phantoms
8 - egos
5 - Tippmanns
4 - Dms
4 - Shockers
4 - Ions
4 - protos
3 - timmys
2 - minis
2 -sterlings
2 - buzzards
1 - Luxe
1 - macdev
1 - Tiberius arms
1- DP
1 - Spyder
missing a few...cant think of them all

Currently have:
2 cockers
1 sterling
1 buzzard
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Halifax, NS

Kilt Club
1x 98c
1x Automag Classic
1x Minimag
3x Phantoms
1x Blazer
2x Autocockers*
1x TPX
1x Goblin Solo*
1x Mirage*
1x Nightmare LB*
2x Sydarms*
1x AT-85
1x X-7
2x PgP's
2x Maxx 55's*
1x Procarbine
1x Alleycat
1x Shocker 4x4

Huh. More than I thought.

*currently have.

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
Velcor is within all of us, you need not go looking for him. He sayeth, "wherever two or more of you are gathered, there shall I be." He is my solid bunker for me to hide behind from the incoming fire of mine enemies, He is the functioning regulator which keepeth my shots consistent, and He is my keen eye guiding my fire towards my hidden enemies. Yea, whosoever shall believeth in Him shall be guided by His right hand towards the flag, and whosoever denieth Him shall reside for all eternity in the Deadbox of Life.
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Mr. Angel Pump
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Location: Turlock,CA.

Brass and Wood Fan
Check the Signature. Angels are my favorite shooters. I have 20 and they all work perfect. Every gun I own shoots perfect. Even my Nova 700. It took me 3 days and nights to get the timing right.
COBRA G7,Blazer,2000 LCD Angel Pump,2k1 Dark Angel,DM4,Eblade,Grey Ghost,PGP,2006 Grey Ghost,BLong Cocker,Cobra Mamba FLY,Euro Angel,2k1 Cobra SS LCD,Rev-i.

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Proud Paintball Addict !!
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Location: Longview, Texas

Brass and Wood Fan
Kilt Club
OK, I've been playing paintball for about 10 years

WHORING - gave up counting (I fix some up and give them away to new players at games - in the last 3 years I've probably given away 6 or 7)


3x Tippmann A5
Tippmann Model 98
Tippmann 98C ACT
Tippmann X7

NSG Splatmaster
Pump-converted Autococker Trilogy
2x PMI Trracer
PMI Trracer Tagmaster

Metadyne HAVOC

I also have a Tippmann 98C and a Tippmann A5 on lay-a-way that I found at a local pawn shop.

AND - my buddy is buying me a TPX for a desk hutch I gave him.

Oh yeah - I plan on a Goblin Duece from BenoitOWN next month too...

What can I say? I like options.....

Don't look at me like that - there's a perfectly reasonable explanation...I find 'em cheap because something's missing or know how it goes..."OK, I'll get it and scrap it for parts...well shoot, all it needed was this o-ring...OK, I have 2 big deal, I'll just get another one to scrap out...hey - just clean this out...CRAP- now I have 3..." and on it goes (QUIT LAUGHING !! YOU DO IT TOO !!!)

BTW - I partly blame my team mates Clearush and Magoo for some of this...<muttering>...crazy MCB & Carter commando pump nuts.... there a level above gun whore..say..gun STORE?

Texas Pump & Pistol Game -

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Faces Mowed: -1
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Recent history.
Pif -1 cocker yesterday. +1 cocker to me (1997)
Falcone -1 sniper(95) tonight. + 1 sniper to me.
In 24 hours, I got 2 minty old unmilled paintflingin slabsided dinosaurs.
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
God damn them all, I was told we'd cruise the boards for paintgun gold
We'd fire no junk, shed no tears
Now I have a broken eliminator on Halifax pier, the last of USI's privateers
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