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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
special-ops mission?
Special Ops Mission Videos : Mission, Ops : Military Channel

i feel the showed lacked enough shots where both sides are in the viewing frame simultaneously to set the situation before firefights, before mission, etc. overhead helps but isn't oriented so returning to the cameras confuse more than help.
Nah, this was years ago. Way before this show.
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this is my logic .

the more you know about how to play . the less of a gun you need .
few years ago i was at a field and this guy who was just a rec player , had nothing but an old spyder tl plus . he proceeded to take out each person who claimed to be on a pro "team" , they all had DMs and angels . its was great . this is why i choose to go no better than a pro carbine . because its not needed . to say that woodsball is capped out and is not going to grow anymore , take a look at basket ball .
you throw a ball into a hoop . it has been the same thing for a darn long time .

woods ball is going to continue to grow as many fields have manily woods ball courses.
besides the ratio of tourny to rec players is less than 0.6% of all players world wide .
and since 80% of rec players play woods and scenario , i say its safe to say that its gonna do nothing but increase . it is also the cheapest option to play paintball on the "rec" level . more fun also in my opinion.
xs energy drink + paintball = pure enjoyment
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