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3 - Ego 7, 09 Impulse, Free Flow Rythm E-blade just because those guns live in my gear back the reast are on shelves. I really only need 2.
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Way too many...ask anyone I've played with...I tend to bring 5 or more with me lol
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If I am just going for the day, 3-4. If it is a big event and people from long distances are coming that I only see from time to time. As many as I can.
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Five four three two one
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My gun, my brothers gun and a loaner or two, scuba tank, 2 or 3 HPA tanks, big spares kit, tools.. etc.

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usually 2 markers
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3-4. I usually only use one a day, but I like to have options. I'll usually bring a semi, an open-class pump, and my stock-class Sniper. That way, regardless of the crowd or competition level I've got something that is appropriate.

For scenarios, I'll bring 5-6 just because you can never have too many there.

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Usually three: SC pump, OC pump, E-Pump. If I'm doing poorly with one setup, I switch it out. Or depending on my paint budget for the day Unless I'm hiking the 26.1 miles out to splattttttt's outlaw field, in which case just one!
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Sadly I bring 1 gun, 1 tank, 1 barrel, 1 hopper, 1 pack, 1 mask these days

I would like to get a backup gun just in case my Mini goes down ( so far only happened 3 times in 4 years ( piston, 2 noids )

I have been selling off some equipment and I am either going to pick up a second gun, or possibly a couple new barrels.

I do have a friend that normally packs 4-5 high end guns with him and I tend to find myself at least testing out his new toys every once in a while.

I used to be the everything amd the kitchen sink guy but after giving away the equivalent of probably 6 full guns piece by piece over the last 20 years that quit happening. Now I have parts to repair my gear and that is it.


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i bring three my x7 phenom, my t9 as my secondary but i also bring the front shroud and stock so if i decide to use it as a main, then i bring another x7r/t for use as a back up
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When I get around to playing I bring three. Stock class sniper, open class sniper, and my prolite as backup since it's bullet proof.
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