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someone could post a thread about a proposal about a redesigned "Revy", with some of the features that people want. with a contest or a design group of candidates, and then someone could contact Manike(Simon) and see of a new design could be put forth, in a collaboration. if players are willing to make, design, and ask for it, Manike could put the new design forth to Empire/Kee Sports.

just a thought...
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no, I'M sorry
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Originally Posted by Julien View Post
yes they could make different sized "front" shells like seen on the pinokio...

120 rd, 200 rd, 250 rd ect....
they one Upgraded that. it was called the viewloader tripod.

wait, "up" is cernsored?

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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
they one Upgraded that. it was called the viewloader tripod.
understand i no
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I am a fag.
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thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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i thought greg hastings was supposed to come out with a low profile low round agitated hopper

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I thought the VL EYE-Force wasn't bad.
Very similar to a Revvy but with a wider profile. Also much faster and semi-forcefeed during movement, like a Pinnokio or Fasta. It didn't have tool-less dissassembly, but 3 phillips screws and the entire top of the loader comes off, making the raceway easy to clean. More durable than a Revvy, too, with a really thick feeneck stem that's separate from the rest of the loader.
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Didn't GI Milsim have a hopper that looked extactly like a update revy?
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by Julien View Post
eye powered agitation loader, with durable shells,uses a tooless dissembaly system that has high battery life and has a battery life display indacator.

id buy it, and pay $50 for it.
That's seems like wishful thinking. Considering the old revy cost 50 bucks without those features and the overhead paid for.
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This one looked kind of promising but hard to tell how big it actually is.
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I seem to recall that hopper always being 'on' and buzzing like crazy.
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Back to paintball.
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All the extreme rage loaders were meh.

My answer to our problems: have someone make new 120 round loader shells that take the guts of one of the current loaders, either a cut down prophecy head or pinokio guts. It would be similar to those hopper shells a while back (name eludes me) that could take like Vlocity, halo, and some other guts of hoppers at the time of release. It never took off because stock shells were fine...
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