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Minis are pretty good, one of my favorite guns at the $300 new price point. Though I would look at used Minis since they tend to have bad resale value. I always see them floating around at around $200
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Been shooting Mini's since the first release and have been very impressed. I am on my third new one now...sold the other two in a moment of weakness and regretted it, so I got a third, had it lazered, set up the way I like with a Tadao board, barrel, and use it as my primary "tourney" marker.
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I have mini number 0315 I wouldn't think of getting rid of it. I normally play stock class and people know me for that. The mini comes out on bad days and bad paint days, bad days are few bad paint days are becoming more regular and the mini has seen more and more field time. It just works, I wish the trigger was more crisp but I can live with it. The little thing just keeps going no matter what (I do clean and lube it after a day of use.)
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i love my mini, works in all weather and i never have any issues with it. i dont think its harsh on paint in any way. i rock mine with a 16in dye UL in the woods and it puts out an amazing ball. dont see a need to "upgrade it fully" its an awesome shooter for the money.

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I used a V2 mini with stock everything, and it's great. Bought used it had a board issue which was replaced under warranty (by the original owner); its been throwing down against everything without issue since.

I'm still using the original barrel, which is big enough bore to never break paint (good advice from Mike at TPB). If paint is off-aim on the first shot a few more shots follow up and land it on target, and I never feel the problem is the gun.

Since I'm no pro, have slow fingers unless I'm thinking about it, and make plenty of mistakes this gun is more than enough for me. Slap a Rotor on it and go to town.
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I just can't get comfortable with mine. I think it just is too small. The big issue is that since there is no air lines, you can't just slap a drop on it to make it fit you.
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Someone made a drop for them, but I cannot recall the name of it.
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the mini is the only marker i haven't felt the need to "upgrade". the only thing i changed on mine was the barrel, and personally i think it's a fantastic gun for the price. i thought the trigger felt a bit sloppy when i first got it, but then i played with it, and boy i can make that sucker sing! maintenance is also pretty easy, just take out one screw and the internals are external.

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I love mine. I played this whole season of woodsball with it, a 13/3K and a 50 rnd hopper. Loved it. The only things I wasn't too fond of was the trigger, which I just replaced, and the finger moldings of the grip (going to replace with SPD grips soon). I also want to get a new barrel but that is about it. Now I just have to decide between a deadly wind +freak or an iFit kit plus some other CF barrel.
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I got a mini for a quick backup, backup gun...incase one of the other 4 or 5 I brought failed...and after using the mini...I liked it enough where I stopped using my vegox as a backup.

I plan on getting an axe too. Not sure why I like it so much...but I do!
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