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Contemplating on getting a mini

So I been playing paintball between 10-12 years now, and something about the MINI has always appealed to me but yet im still holding back on getting one for some reason, the way it looks ( I think mini's look better than the Empire Axe ) the way it feels ( Im not that big of a guy and dont have monster hands )

alot of the times im poor, usually from other adventures or money pits, and watch the paintball market like a hawk. They are anywhere from 185-250 for the latest ones. So the price is right up my alley

I figure I can use it for both Speedball and the Bush as my main gat and be happy with the results, Bush I stalk people and run like a mo-fo and Speedball i'm a front/snake player

Im always a firm believer in "its not the marker, its the player", I of course would upgrade this MINI to its fullest potential maybe some annodizing or something as well ( I dunno just saying ), I know that with a mini and upgrading it would be up there in the cost and would equal the price of a more higher end stock marker, but I always liked having a one-off or built to my specifications kind of marker and have something that maybe only a few other people have rather than everybody. ( not alot of mini owners around my parts anyways )

I know to stay away from V1's, V2's are good but V3's are better, heck maybe its just alot of talk I misheard but is there a V4 out??? I know with the Empire Axe, mini production stopped correct?

anywho... any feedback, recommendations, upgrades, would be appreciated, like I said I contemplated in getting a mini, so its not in stone that I will get one, but you never know

Thanks amigo's
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Any place that can produce 'RUSH' is alright by me.

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My recommendation: get a mag, or an ego, or a timmy, or something from the Dye Matrix series. A used gun of any of those types may cost a little more than $250 but I would take any of those over a mini. The trigger felt sloppy (keep in mind the one I tested was a stock trigger). The mini just doesn't feel ergonomically correct. There is such a thing as too small for a speedball gun. I just think that for the money you could spend on a mini and upgrades you could buy a better performing gun.

Just my .02
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ans gear still has a few red minis left
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I used a Mini for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. I am a small framed kinda guy so It fit me very well. I honestly thought it performed just as well as the Timmys, Egos, Matrices and so on.

No exposed air lines, compact, light, fast, eyes, quite. What else do you want in an electro flinger?

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...So no, I don't have a paintball place named after myself because I have a huge head. It's named after me because paintball people showed up to my personal page and never left.
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You shouldn't need to worry about changing any of the internals of the Mini. If anything maybe a virtue board since they supposedly have better eye logic than the stock board. Other than the board the only thing you should look into is the barrel. If you travel a lot you might want to look into a barrel kit.
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Originally Posted by Wico90 View Post
ans gear still has a few red minis left
i will never buy from ans again
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The latest generation mini's shoot pretty good. The guns have a pretty significant amount of barrel rise, mostly because it's such a small gun.

As far as upgrades, I'd save your money. Anno will cost you as much as you paid for the gun so just get the color you want. Most of the stock parts are pretty decent. Maybe a longer barrel, but a $30 CP would take care of that

They are pretty tough on paint, but are certainly one of the top $300 shooters
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I've had a V2 for years.

All I ever did to it was water-proof the electronics. I've been lending it to my kid brother to play with all the time. I went about a year and a half without maintaining it at all. Noticed a tiny bit of ano wear in the breach... Opened it up. And packed silicon grease in there like packing a bearing. I honestly thought it wouldn't work. Put it together. Aired it up. Fired fine. That was about a year ago now.

Haven't replaced a single part. Did notice that the trigger magnet was installed backwards from the factory, so I put a really powerful mag on top of that.

It's my back up. No matter what gun breaks down on me. No matter how many guns break down on me. The mini ALWAYS works. And it never puts me at a disadvantage with firepower either.

I would definitely disagree with Mike on how well it handles brittle paint. Ultra evil? If you've got a loader to feed it, the mini will shoot it just fine. The mini is extremely gentle on paint. I've played in sub zero weather with RPS All-Star. Droid broke every 10th ball. Mini broke 5 or 6 all day.
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Real RocknRolla
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The Mini's are always interesting for discussions I find, Im considering a Mini for merely a lack of funds, and they are cheap with a strong positive feedback, yet can run with the big boys and there Geo's/DM's and higher ends for etc

There a humble man's marker IMO. and them being cheap enough, a few upgrades here and there you can make them quite awesome.

Its cool to here different opinions.
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Any place that can produce 'RUSH' is alright by me.
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As far as performance wise they are great little shooters out of the box. The APE board is really nice too. I could outrun my Halo if I wanted to. Personally to me they felt too small and fragile.

I was always afraid if I took a spill I would crush it if I landed wrong. It seems like the only downsides I ever had with it were fixed with the Axe (mainly the lack of an on/off and the size).

If I had the extra cash and was looking for an electro I'd pick up an Axe without thinking. If I found a sweet deal on a Mini I would shoot one of those again too.

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$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
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I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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