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First, a couple "real" pictures from Castle Conquest a few weeks ago:

And here are a bunch that I grabbed from the three sets of helmetcam videos we filmed during the game. The quality isn't great because I just grabbed and cropped frames from the videos, but there were some cool shots.

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Wait, what?
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Paintball Photography was at the big game I just played:

And yeah, even a PPS has the occasional break:
Originally Posted by Hooligan
I found a way to make a sabot for a twinkie. The other tanks smell like banana cream filling now.
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Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
Paintball Photography was at the big game I just played:

And yeah, even a PPS has the occasional break:
Gosh that pump is nice..
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Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
Don't buff your cocking rod too much, you'll go blind!
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All hail RatFink!
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Here is one of me a few weeks ago at the Conserve and Conquer game. Thanks to Stephane for taking the shot.
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I was at the Paintball Country Scenario Saturday in West Chester Ohio. I spent the day hidden in the woods trying to get the other teams general...

During the 2 minutes I was in the open, the field photographer captured me reloading!

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Rockin my 1989 mac 1 annhilator. My buddy was hoping I got shot in the mouth for not wearing a mask back then. This was at the 1989 Big Game at The War Zone in San Bernadino, CA. My stick feed was longer than my barrel.

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Def Loving the retro pics esp with that sick setup. what were you shooting in this pic? looks like a Sheridan?
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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
Born 4, that's an awesome pick, nice and tight to that beautiful bolt action. Do you really have a pentagram ring on your trigger finger?

What's going on here? Is there even a sight picture? It looks to me like you might as well shoot from the hip.
Originally Posted by Born4Evil View Post
Yes, I do. To be exact, it's a Baphomet (goat head and pentagram) ring.

My screen name is Born4Evil, my Carter's Commando jersey # is 666...I wield a K2 with the triple six serial number named "The Devil's Brass", also adorned with the Baphomet on the stock...and the ring surprises you?
@RatFink The devil's brass uses an evil sighting system powered by juju obtained from the deep and ominous laughter from the gun's owner himself.......seriously playing in a game against Born4Evil , and you see him sneaking your way, then BAM and all you hear is something to the effect of "Haha can't get away from the Devil's Brass!" Born4Evil seriously sounds like the devil himself, and its awesome. That gun is hands down the most badass gun in my mind.
Originally Posted by coyote View Post
I cruise Craigslist for casual encounters with strange cockers.

Parallax 47 Photography

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