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I usually ship within the next day if possible, thank goodness for the secretary and the post office, but sometime life happen so within 3 days or so.

As for buying, I don't even remember what I buy until it show up at the door, so shipping have not been much of an issue. Until i remember months later that hey i haven't receive this part yet, time to contact the seller.
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Originally Posted by pk5 View Post
As for buying, I don't even remember what I buy until it show up at the door, so shipping have not been much of an issue. Until i remember months later that hey i haven't receive this part yet, time to contact the seller.
LOL, sounds like me sometimes. Just got an Ebay notice letting me know that there was a slight delay in the shipping of my xxxxx. I had totally forgotten that I ordered it, and it was just this past weekend. May be a sign of a problem when you buy enough crap that you can't remember it all...
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That's why I keep an Excel spreadsheet of stuff I've ordered. That way I know what to expect. Case in point, I've got 9 parcels on the way, with a 10th that seems lost in the mail and a PayPal claim sent to the seller. Fun.
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Ok so as some of you may or may not have followed I used my spending money from my tax return to buy a bunch of gear I wanted for the season.

And I know that I get more then the average pokeyness from sellers because I strike a mean deal haggling. BUT

Out of the 10 shipments I ordered ALL but 1 of the things I got from forums either AO or MCB was shipped late, almost a week later then I was told. And EVERY person had some sob story or another. And at the first I felt bad, the second I thought I had bad luck, third I was feeling paranoid but not at the 4th I am PISSED

I pay you, so you put it in the mail. How hard is that, I know I should be great full that I didn't get skunked at all but do I need to do what I do with my students and ask to talk to parents?

So am I cursed OR have others noticed that the phantom illness or dead extra grandmother has caused you not to receive your goods. And what do you do about it in the future? I mean either I am a who has no sympathy if they are telling the truth OR do I trust them all and sit here and be bent over?

If you want your stuff to be shipped next day every time, pay the extra $$$ and use ActionVillage or another retailer. If you want to deal in used items, frankly, be ready to deal with the quirks and potential obstacles of that market.

I'm not saying it's right, but I am saying its a tough economy and a lot of the gear up for sale these days is from people who need the money to pay bills that their full time job (or multiple jobs) isn't able to pay. Lots of times because of medical bills, having kids, or other personal issues. So lighten up a little. You got your gear, you didn't get ripped off, and if the sellers at least kept you in the loop about getting delayed, IMO you're being kind of an *** for getting that bent out of shape about it. A used gear ad on a paintball forum isn't a paintball store. Selling gear is not the only thing in these peoples' lives.
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I'm the same way as some of the folks here. I realize people aren't stores, but IMO if they are listing something for sale they need to be prepared to make a trip to the post office soon. 2-3 days from time of payment is plenty of time to get to the post office. Things happen, and as long as communication is kept up so that people are informed, all should be well. Generally speaking though, 5 or more days to get something shipped should be the exception, not the norm.

I saw the remark "real life is more important than paintball" several times in this thread. I don't know about you guys, but my $$ is about as real as it gets after my wife and kids. Its not like the seller is just sending the item out of their own goodwill. "Here man, you can have this part for free, I'll ship it out to you when I get around to the post office." Its a business transaction. Once the seller is able to spend the money I sent him for the item, I expect the seller to make a significant effort to get the item in the mail, not just whenever they get around to it, that's unacceptable.

From a buyer's point of view, we could always switch the "buy from a store if you want fast service" thing around, and say to sellers that don't have time to go to a post office, why not try the pawn shop.

Luckily, everyone I've bought from in the past year has gotten the items I've bought shipped out in a day or two. I've had nothing but excellent experiences thus far.
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