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Originally Posted by LettuceHead View Post
I'm trying as hard as I can to high-five you through the internet. It's supposed to be about fun when you play - whatever your version of that is (provided it doesn't include bonus-balling me, 12-year-old-with-an-electro) just rock it.

(For the record, my 98c has a folding stock. I played a big game with it two weeks ago and found I kept it folded most of the time, but I was certainly happy to have it the few times it was deployed. Besides, it's a 98c - sighting down the barrel is pointless anyway )
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I use my airtank. It doesn't make sense to have both a tank and a stock in my opinion. The tank feels as good to me as a stock would and I don't need to dick around with remote lines and whatnot to get an air-thru stock setup going.

The only thing I would use a stock on would be a stock class gun like a Phantom or something with vertical air. Otherwise I don't see the point of paying $50 for a stock that does the same thing the tank I already have does.
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I also like to shoulder my bottle. It allows me to keep myself tucked in tightly and I'm not carrying unnecessary weight. I have a CA setup for my stock and open class Sniper IIs.

It's all about preference, playing style, and if you got the money to spend.
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I like having a lot of air without carrying around a 30-lb gun, so I use a remote, and I always put stocks on my guns...a gun without a stock (or a back bottle) doesn't handle right. Usually, this means T-stocks, because that's what's available, since I don't use a Tippmann.

That being said, I'd prefer a "CAR" stock to a T-stock any day. IMO, the typical bottom line-mounted T-stock is a suboptimal solution. They raise the gun too high when shouldered. I was putting "milsim" stocks on my guns long before it was cool, and not because I cared about how my gun looked.
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i use my tank as a stock...never had any reason to do otherwise.
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