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Old high ends vs newer low end

Ive been looking at guns and prices, and I have a question. How do yall think older high end guns such as DM's/Shockers/Older Egos stack up against newer lower/middle range guns like Minis/G4's/proto rails? They both stick around the same price range.

Feature wise and performance wise?
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I prefer the older high end. High end markers don't really change THAT much year to year.
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Older high ends...07 Borg, Vikings...DM3 Although I would like to try a Mac Dev Clone or Droid. I would go for quality.
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older high end just like cars bro!

features are the same and most of the time better. You wont get a gun that can shoot 2000 balls a case in a sub 400$ gun new today. yet you can easily get a vice or aka viking for that price.

only thing is you may be able to get a lighter gun by going with a new ****ty low end
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I'd definitely go older high-end for a couple reasons.

A used high-end that has been around for awhile will have a track record. You can read lots of reviews, know what the troubleshooting points are, and use the knowledge and experience of those who have bought before you. The price on current year high-ends is way inflated but if it is a solid performer in the year it came out, a gun will still be a great shooter years later. The advances and features of new models aren't taking away from your gun's performance, only its resale value.

Secondly, and feel free to disagree, I think there are some guns/brands that carry an aura of quality. For example: the DM series. I've used a DM5 and everything about it, the look, the weight, the shot, the overall feel just says "quality". Compare that to a Dangerous Power G3. It doesn't inspire confidence, especially the trigger and trigger guard. I don't even have to pick one up to know that I'd prefer a matrix of some kind. Did Dye use aesthetics, hype, and pro players to sway potential buyers? Absolutely. Is there functionally anything wrong with the G3's trigger and trigger guard? I've never used one but probably not. Am I a sucker if I buy Dye guns? Not if I buy them used!
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Ego 05/06 generation no longer supported by PE. No new supply of noids. I really like my 06 and am sticking with it.

G3 works great but definitely has the cheap feel as mentioned above.

I still love the 04 ICD bonebrake bushmaster. It has solid feel when it wants to work (in fair weather only).
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Older high end for sure. Reliability and quality. You get what you pay for and they were a grand at one time.
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Originally Posted by souz4402 View Post
Ego 05/06 generation no longer supported by PE.
Ah, the old Microsoft tactic of forced obsolescence.

I'd probably end up getting an older high end, like everyone else in this thread.
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The highest end gun I own is an Angel LCD. I guess it's mostly the person who's shooting the gun.

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You're asking this question on MCB. I could have predicted this response here, not that I disagree with it.
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