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Originally Posted by Ericj001 View Post
the whole court talk thing is just plain silliness, this is a regulatory issue. The minute people start talking legal action is the minute the people who have control over the thing you want to improve or change, stop talking to you. most people think threatening legal actions will bully someone else into seeing things their way. If fact, its usually the opposite and just cuts off any communication or progress achieved up to that point. you cant sue someone over not enforcing their own rules, check that, you can, but win? not likely unless seriously, life changing events resulted.

I think the pressure being applied, followed by insurance company complaint, folllowed by local government complaint should be more than enough to resolve this problem. If it isnt, you just dont go there anymore, and discourage as many as you can to avoid that facility. ?You just want to be care full this doesn't go from a "fix this safety problem at one place " issue to a "paintball is unsafe" issue. People not familiar with paintball can easily make that jump and that would be very bad, and much much harder to repair.
I agree. Trying to sue for being hit with a paintball is dumb as hell. I think it will be hard to prove how fast a paintball might have been going based on the size of a welt.
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I really do agree, suing was not my original plan, just want change at that place in regards to the safety issue.
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Since we are going down the to discuss lawyers or not plan. If it were my field the moment you said anything lawyer related I would ask you to leave and very likely forbid you from coming back. Contact would cease immediatly and I would direct you to talk to my lawyer.

That being said I keep two table chronos plus two handheld chronos for ten players, so we don't have that issue. Frankly if we were ever in a position where the was not a working chrono play would be done for the day and until I had one.
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This kind of bull!&%# takes the sport and fun out of the game..
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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
I..just want change at that place in regards to the safety issue.
Ill bet if having a working chronograph is not that important then rental gear might be in less than safe condition... The thing that scares me most about these places is the possibility of worn out (weak) lenses in the rental goggles. Having working chronos the easiest to do. Maintaining all the rental gear in a safe condition takes continuous conscious effort.
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I've got a chronograph for sale, $45. PM me if you need one.

Other than that, just find somewhere else to play.
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Vie been reading this and in all honesty I would just put a review up and not go there again. That is what I did when I went to an unsafe field. Then if somebody asks about the field tell them your experience and how you think it was unsafe.

Also vie gotten far worse welts from being shot by guns at 280-300. I have a permanent mark on my shoulder from being shot probably about 5 years ago from a Hun shooting 285 at about 30 feet. Im no doctor but I think there are a lot of factors that go into bruising. I also don't think a BDU jacket would provide much protection from a direct hit. The only thing I can see it doing is lessening the chance of getting cut by shell fragments. I play in a tshirt in the summer and a BDU jacket in the winter and have never noticed a difference in welts or bruises. Bare skin shots tend to get some little cuts from shell fragments where the jacket stops that, the bruises are the same.

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Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 View Post
as upsetting as this story is, I dont think there is a whole lot you can do from an insurance standpoint.

Maybe this is just my interpretation of what the waiver says, but if you signed it you agreed to this:

Now as much as not having a chrono is gross negligence it is still a negligent act by the owners and you agreed to ignore that by signing.

Am I wrong in those assumptions or am I valid?
Liability insurance won't cover you if you're doing anything to exceed the stress limits of equipment. Insurance for paintball fields depends on the maintenance of markers and goggles and the chronoing of every gun allowed on the field. If you aren't making sure the guns are shooting below 300fps then you can't prove that the guns weren't exceeding the limits of paintball goggle systems. If the field's insurance company is competent they will call the field and tell them they need a working chrono before the next day they open or they are no longer insured.
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they didn't fix the problem of chrono... been talking to some people on pbn who went this weekend and this is what one said:

Originally Posted by looni30 View Post
I agree with a few points you made.

The fields there are nice, and its in a great location. Its about a 30 minute drive for me which isnt bad.

The problem is its poorly run, the people that work there are @ssholes. Theres a few exceptions, the black ref (dont know his name) is probably the best employee there. Hes actually respectful and ref's good and tries to get fair teams and let everyone in.

The ref that usually at the woodsball field, an older guy with long hair is a complete jerk. I was there on a friday when its BRING YOUR OWN PAINT. And he kicked a few people off the field for having THEIR OWN PAINT (wtf?). I also saw him wrestling and messing around at the bench area like he was some bad ***.

Fridays they say you can bring your own paint, but complain about the shell color, and then tell you "YELLOW ONLY".

A lot of the kids think they are tough guys and will bonus ball you, I called a couple kids out and they werent so tough anymore.

There are some friendly people out there though, but overall its just poorly ran.

Also wanted to add I was shot in the mask and had my lens crack in 3 different spots. They better re-consider having a chrono because thats a law suit waiting to happen for them not taking the proper cautions when running their field. Theyre always so concerned about "barrel covers" but when people are shooting over 300fps its not a big deal to them.
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this is not boding well for that field...i read the pbn thread and posted some questions there, as there seems to be a few "locals" posting.
Field management told me: "As a matter of fact we happen to have 6 stationary chronographs. You are mis-informed. Chronographs are most definitely needed and necessary. "
yet i am continuing to see complaints from several different players in the area. This is one of those things where you want to think there may be some isolated events causing bad blood, and will be easily corrected. Yet im not seeing any efforts to even acknowledge problems let alone correct them. I really hate to have to slam any field, there are so few left, but unsafe is unacceptable, and i haven't seen anything positive yet.. ugh.. I may have to take a trip down there on a random day and see for myself.

if anyone else has first hand info besides whats above and wants to pm it to me, id appreciate it.
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