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Many, Many SPE's ago. A large woods ball game was arranged. Most of Damage on one side and a bunch of other misc SPE pumpers on the other. Game started and every one scattered. I went somewhere up the middle and found cover. In the distance I could hear Gumby taunting/directing people. He was standing in the open, no shirt on, pointing and yelling. He was and should have been totally out of range. It bothered me that he was just standing in the open. Yes he was more then far enough away but what the hell, I raised my Phantom and lobed one out there. My intention was just to try and get one close. Make him find cover and make myself feel a little better. Low and behold....a large pink splat appeared on his chest. Gumby slowly looked down, didn't even wipe it off, turned and walked off the field. I think we lost the game...but I had already won.
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Originally Posted by Zeroack View Post
I've got one that I've never ever figured out how it worked.

My son and I were playing one on one. We had built a small spool field with 36"-40" diameter and 16"-20" in width spools. We were both tucked in behind apposing spools, straight across from one another about 20 yards away. He decides to be a smart *** and shoot thru the middle of his spool. I'm tucked in tight to the spool and feel the hit in my side. I look and he's shot thru the his spool, across the distance and then thru the hole in my spool. Not splatter but a whole ball. The holes in the spools were only about 4-5" in diameter. I can see if he had not shot thru the center of his...but with the small hole limiting the tragectory of the just puzzles me to this day.
I used to do that all the time at the field I worked at. The speedball field was entirely made out of the large 6+ foot wide spools, and all of them had that hole in the center. There were only 2-3 places on the field where the holes lined up across bunkers where a shot like that was possible, but all the regulars quickly learned where those were. As a ref, if you saw two regulars get into those opposing spools, you knew to expect to hear a lot of firing and not see anyone until someone came out with a painted barrel or gog shot. And we just loved catching someone who had no idea it could happen.

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i went out for one last game one on one with a friend. we only had enough paint for about a half hopper each. we said go and 5 sec later i scored an elimination because i lobed a ball that went under a bunker and hit him in the foot. a big splat on the big toe. lol. about 85 feet from one side to the other.

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Best shot ever?? Easy... On the old Nashville Survival Games field in Brentwood, TN I was playing on a lazy Sunday... I was the only one from the Ridgerunners team there that day other than Jim and Sam, who ran the game.

Nine newbies from Vanderbilt ROTC came on the field so we broke them up into teams of 5 and 4, I played with the short team.

It was the next to the last game of the day and I was the only one left alive on my team. We only played woodsball in those days and I was in full camo. I was laying on my side in a ditch, snaking my way up on two guys who were guarding the flag station. The rest of their team was looking for me and heading for my flag station. I tossed a rock away from me and one of them went looking around for me. Yes, that trick actually worked! LOL

So as this kid is "sneaking up on me" he walks directly up on me.

I mean on me.

I mean he STEPPED on my chest as he was walking by!!! So I raised up my trusty 007 and shot him in the ***. Point blank.

Yes, Virginia, a paintball shot in the *** can actually launch a kid a few feet into the air! LOL

THAT is the most perfect shot ever!

To wrap things up, his friend came running over to find me and I shot him, too. To finish the game, I hid behind their flag station and waited for the rest of their team to come back, yelled at them that the coast was clear, and shot them when they came walking in. So I had my flag back, their flag, and a single-handed clean sweep of their team.

The last game of the day Jim made me take them all on, since I was the only one all day that had not been shot. Every one of them was gunning for me... I got 6 of them before they finally ran me down...

<sigh> Good times... Good times...
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Originally Posted by iamthelazerviking View Post
1 v 1 at the local field, at their indoor. Just my friend and I. Was using a pump, can't remember which but it was my first time using pump. He had a cheap semi. The field is in an old airplane hanger, so the sliding doors were partly cracked open with sun light shining through. He runs by. I pump, aim, pull trigger. I see the yellow fill explode from the tip of his shoulder, and it looked golden and heavenly with the sun shining through it. Magic.
That's what I love about that field! Not only do you get shiny paint, but I've used it to my advantage to blind the crap out of the other team

Other than that, I prefer the Hyperball field.


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I had that perfect shot a few times...but,the best had to be when I Lobbed a single ball at Carter and hit him right in lens of his helmet cam...It figures it was one of the times his cam wasn't working properly that day
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Happened about 5 years ago.
Was playing speedball with my phantom. I broke a ball in the previous game and forgot to swab out the barrel. Off the break I shot one, it hooked really far left and nailed a guy right into the trigger frame. BEST SHOT EVER....
Originally Posted by russc View Post
Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
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I was playing pump once when a kid (scenario game) pulled out a Tippmann Bouncing Betty - readied it - and stepped out to throw. I had no idea he even had a grenade - I just pulled the trigger.

It hit the grenade - causing it go off - and it killed him and three others.

One shot - four kills.

Wasn't trying - didn't think I was cool afterward - I was just in awe.

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Couple months ago a good friend, his son & myself were the last players at the new trenches rec field. The other players had left early & we didn't have our fill of pump action. We played some 1 vs 1 & 1 vs 2. His son & I had our turn of 1 vs 1 while dad watched. 3,2 ,1 & were off. I lob a single hail Mary in his direction & run for the nearest bunker. I hear his father laughing his *** off & I see his boy coming forward with his Phantom in the air. I figured a malfunction or something. I mean the game lasted a whole four seconds. A single shot off the break on the run found his lens from across the entire field. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
^^^ Ha, crack shooting.

I make a lot of shots I'm sure I couldn't duplicate.

My general advice for getting more of these: use very high-end, consistent paint and practice with the same marker setup, excluding all others.
no way!!! I use a bunch of different markers with totally different configurations, and I get amazing shots with all of em, when the paint is good to me. without a doubt though, the most satisfying crazy impossible shots are with the PGP and scopey sniper. those are also my two most efficient markers for paint versus eliminations, I take my time with em and it pays off. I use my open class stuff more often and get lots of eliminations with em, but not the same feeling of success with tough shots since I can fire much more paint with them.

practicing with more than one setup is good for suiting different styles of play with different groups of players, and its also good for honing your talents in general. I get a lot of good eliminations mostly because of how frequently I practice and train with the team, but also because I'm using different markers throughout the week to practice different styles of shooting, engagement, position on the field and rate of fire, etc. playing with both pistols and full length markers is also great for your skills... my coolest eliminations of all are totally pistol/SC ones

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