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In my experience, you can safely squeeze most paint through a 0.685. If your paint is so large that it gives you problems, please send me some!
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I too am back from a hiatus, and have found that all of the decent paint in my neck of the woods is around .682 (probably shooting the same paint as surf2live, same area anyway). Go for a freak bore, grab a .682 and a .679, and you'll be golden. Check with SSC, he might be able to freak bore your CP barrel for ya. Or, if you want a seriously small 1-piece, you can't go wrong with the Lurker Eigenbarrel, boring out at .678. My personal favorite

As far as paint breaking, unless you're talking REALLY brittle, you can underbore ~.007 (IIRC) before barrel breaks really become an issue. I haven't shot any paint that will roll out of my .687 bore, so you don't have anything to worry about with the .685 that you have.
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I haven't played yet this season, but if paint is like last year .685 would be large bore. I went to 3 big events last year at Sherwood, Hells Survivors, and CPX ( I do think they were all sponsored by Draxxus) and we consistently had rollouts using Eigenbarrels.
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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
Draxxus Silver, Marbs, APX. Anymore, .685 is almost large paint
This. You will never see a ball over .685 these days unless you live in a swamp and pick paint off the ground.
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if you find paint that sticks in a .685, send me some
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Haha dangit CP I was about to say that!!
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Times have changed. Smaller is better. I can finally say that with confidence.

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I shot some ultra evil this weekend and had a couple of role outs in my .679 freak.
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Tried to clock a pgp I was selling the other day. No local pball shop so I picked up some Wally world crap. What really doesn't help is that it's uber small ...AND not round.
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I'm having pretty good luck with the Marb's around me. Very tight fit in a .684, and I get no rollouts out of my sheridans. Three of which have no widgets, and I have NO clue what the bore size would be.
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