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not sure if you guys consider this a deal due to resale on cockers but a very nice splash brad Nestle custom cocker for 200

LF94Evolution CustomFreeflowFulcrum RF94BradNestle CamoEclipseMag RF98Sniper CamoSmartmag IronmanDyeLCD ElectricSkysEclipseLED FoldaMagicF1
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Team Long Stroke
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My uncle found a Trracer by the river and gave it to me, still my favorite gun.
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Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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Camo ano'd luxe for $650 a while back seem'd like a good deal to me... plane luxe's were still going for $900
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Straight 6 DID Bust!
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Probably the brand new Carver One I got from walmart on sale for $26.
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2 PGPs and a P68SC for $120
502nd SOG Paintball Team


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sell your body, prostitution is an easy way to supplement gun whoring.
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Brass Eagle King Cobra (14") w/ a tank dated '89 and an old hopper that looked like one of those German "potato masher" grenades. $15 from my local Deseret Industries thrift store. Sold for $75 on eBay.

MCB +37/-0
PBN +45/-0
eBay +358/-0

"Nothing is quite as satisfying in the sport, as eliminating your opponent with one shot while ducking a hundred"
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When my friend was quitting paintball he let me borrow his ebladed 03 cocker to mess with (never worked). It stayed at my house for a few months and he never once asked about it, despite seeing him several times a day. Eventually I decided to fix her up so I pumped it and have since replaced everything except for the bolt, body, and valve. She shoots real nice now.
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-Brand new SLG for free, flipped it for cash
-PGP2 for $25 on Craigslist
-ACT 98 for free

Metadyne: Replacing broken parts, with NEW broken parts so you still can't use your new gun.
Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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Sheridan K2
Tippmann 68 special
VM 68
King Cobra
Piranha LB

All for $162 shipped

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