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i didn't read all three pages, but here is my thoughts...

I don't believe it makes you a better player. It may improve certain aspects of your game, such as accuracy and snapshooting. You spend a lot of time focusing on these, which can help your game. But for tournament ball, there is a lot more than just being a good shot. It definitely helps if you can hit someone on the first couple of shots, but again, there is more to tournament paintball.

"Lane-ing" is a big part of tournament ball. Knowing where to shoot, how often to shoot is key. You do not always spend time shooting at people, sometimes you spend time shooting at gaps between bunkers. This is something that helps your team out a lot. You may be a great shot, but if you can't do the other aspects of the game, you won't help your team out much. Playing pump, I noticed I "laned" A LOT less. I definitely improved my snap shot, but I felt like i snapped better with the pump than with my electropneumatic gun.

It is kind of like shooting a gun such as a 45 and a 22. You may shoot the 45 regularly, but then use the 22 for practice once in a while to because it is cheap. But if you continue to shoot the 22 only, it wont really help your 45 shot, because the feel is completely different.

Find a balance between pump and your regular play can help your game a lot. But focusing on one thing will only help with so much.
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What if my regular play IS pump?

Personally, I play a lot less carefully if I'm playing semi, regardless if its electro or mech. I can never seem to hit anything unless I'm playing with my Phantom, and with as many guns as I have, its usually the Phantom thats leaving my house with me in the morning, regardless of who I'm playing against.
Fast is fine, accuracy is final.
Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
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I agree with goody. Pump will not make you a better player with semi automatic markers. A great move that someone pulls off with a pump gun may be a terrible one with another sort of marker. As far as ball to elimination/kill ratio goes, I don't really take too much account of that. Fufilling one's job on the field, flexibility, and technical skill are how I rate players. If one guy's job on a given field is to sit and dump 3 pods at a small spot to prevent someone from moving to it, and not get shot or pinched out or give into the temptation to do something more entertaining and he does it, I find that about as useful as someone that cleans up games with runthroughs. I'm big on being a good "universal" player. Having awareness of certain aspects of your game while playing pump should still be there for semi players; pump simply makes those concerns more urgent.
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I guess i think of Playing pump like taking pictures.. If you can't get your shot, get closer.
I do like being sneaky.. I do like shooting out very high end players and markers I just wish once they were hit that they had a off button.. I very ofter take a few extra just for surprising people.
People ask if pump guns shoot straighter and further I say no.. all markers crony at the same speed and shooting the same paint should shoot = distance, accuracy.
Thats my take.. if they run, Chase them. ~Tinman
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
I think this part of the conversation is lost on the thread. Ok, I admit it's a bit off of the intended topic but I still think is an important factor when choosing what you pick up and shoot on the field.
two thoughts)
IMO competitiveness is like a virus... so is the whole pump culture thing.
and Mike could have defined "better" a bit better.

Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
get closer. ~Tinman
^ fun, aint it?
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