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Post Whore
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My Mag. There are some changes since this picture...some BIG changes.
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Brass and Wood Fan
That I currently own? Probably my WGP Carter halfblock sniper.

My Favorite gun that I have ever owned (Whored it off to someone on this site) Was probably my PPS Pyre
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That is one bad arse Revvy!!
Originally Posted by iamthelazerviking View Post
Removed all the old duct tape residue and junk last night, so the Revy looks much better now.

it gogs

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AKA Maggy Moo
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My Trilogy. Shoots better than all the other gabillion cockers I've shot, including Karnis and such.

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Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
^So which one's the favorite?.
My phantom at the top, considering the fact the rest of them just rot in the gearbag unless I loan them out.
I <3 Phantoms and Mags
Katy, Texas
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Hey! That's my old PGP, with the Kframe. Do you get to play with it much?

It was really nice, just not my style.

Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post

my fav pistol is the K-frame. so rad.
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current favorite. I'm fickle so it changes often...
-Bryce Larson
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Buzz Killington
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This is my baby:

Closer pic of it (Bad pic, i apologize)
(black one is gone)
United States Army Officer
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My favorite so far...

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