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The Man With No Plan
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i have said 5 different guns would be buried with me....

i only have 2 of them left..... hahaha

the only way your gonna stop is in prison or DEAD
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batteries not required
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I'll be forever faithful to my T2 as my go to marker.
I'm finishing up my custom mech 2k5 body cocker project that I'll occasionally use to mix it up. Although I don't shoot electros, my Marq 6 will stay with me for a long time coming just because it's so well built, hats off to you Bob Long... and to CCM of course, although you guys need to ship into Canada again.
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UnSon of WALZ
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I bet there are more posts on MCB than tits on google images
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A wise man once said.....

Originally Posted by dack maddy View Post
To quote the great Too $hort

"You can never turn a whore into a housewife"

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Everything to Get You in the GAME!

Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
We don't lower the bar so that everyone can get an A. That's a foolish notion.
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Originally Posted by Daze View Post
Its amusing that you're "just keeping these three" and two of those haven't been released yet.

You realize Murphy is going to step in and make one of them suck now, right? Thanks for dooming either APOC or Metadyne to a bad first pump gun release.
As long as it's not Apoc's Retro-7, I'm good

I go through guns like a fat kid goes through candy. The problem with me is I have very few guns I would willingly part ways with anymore. I'm a bit of a sucker for unique, rare, or one of a kind guns. It makes it difficult to sell stuff. I currently have 12, with another 3 on the way (currently being built) and I don't really use them enough. I would love to get that down to 5 or less, it's just a matter of sucking it up and selling them.
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Rec Poster
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I only own one gun....

I've only ever had my phantom

I think I need help
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Post Whore
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I would like to say I am reformed, down from better than 15 markers at one point a few years ago to two. But, really...I am just broke.
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Post Whore
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My CCM S6 had limited my whorage, although now I want a S6.5. Recently sold a couple of markers, probably will sell a few more. Only electro is an 07 Borg, although I would like to try a Droid or Clone. There are very few markers that I actually "want".

I am slowing down!
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Post Whore
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me too, got the last gun i wanted so im done. i need to focus on actually playing this year.
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Walking without rhythm
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Brass and Wood Fan
I am down to my S6 and a phantom right now with the R7 on the way...If the R7 performs as well as I expect it to...the phantom may disappear too...and I LOVE that gun!

I know that I want one SC and one OC set up. But I also would like to have a second OC set up to loan out when I bring a friend along...I am thinking possibly the Empire Tracer but right now I am ordering a SC/DF adapter for the phantom to cover that need.
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