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war! i thought it was life or death and it pretty much stayed that way, every game it was always "its just a them!"
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My first interaction with paintball was at a field so that set me off from others.
1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
I thought it was a space gun paradise. I wanted to get the newest most expensive gun you could get. This led me to some websites i would never visit now. MCB changed my view on the sport and what it was all about.
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
MCB changed paintball completely in my eyes. Before MCB i wanted to ramp and ego more than anything. Now i play strict pump. I got my first pump from Titus my trracer .Its now my main gun and i love it. It has made me value the game and its roots.
All i have to say is thanks everyone on this site for making me love paintball and value the basics.


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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Originally Posted by The Great Equalizer View Post
1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
My first impression of the game was paramilitary types, vietnam vets and weekend warriors playing rambo in the woods for an adrenaline rush and yep, thats want I wanted to play... just like a big kid - cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, army, oh my.

Originally Posted by The Great Equalizer View Post
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
I'm in a limited paint pump mode at the moment - usually seeking the any adrenaline this old body can muster - like back when I just got started.
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My first experience was at a birthday party in late 08...and it was probably the most fun I'd ever had. Only guy I shot was the ref right on the doodle and only got bounces on people because my pro carb wasn't shooting past about 200

What I thought about it? I thought it was different. That's really about it. I got in to old-school early on and stuck with it since. Being an avid airsofter since I was about 6 or 7 kind of made me think paintball was bigger-and-better. I came to realize short after, that's it's just different.

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i got interested while looking through an old issue of PB2x back in the day. Happened to see that the CFOA was one of the largest tournament series in the nation and really wanted to start playing tournaments. My first game was on an airball field and that's still my preferred version of the game. I play pump because of the cost, but really enjoy the airball game and all variants of it.
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I stole a talon from a pawn shop around 1996 with intentions to vandalize...then we started shooting at each know the rest!
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Originally Posted by 845845845 View Post
I stole a talon from a pawn shop around 1996 with intentions to vandalize...then we started shooting at each know the rest!
^ classic
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Saw an episode of Baywatch as a kid where they were playing. Was hooked on the concept, sans terrorists interrupting the game, and finally got to play at a field with a church group. Didn't really get hooked until college though.
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Paintball is War Games. It was in the 80s, 90s, and I still see it that way, though we even called it war games in the 80s.

Before paintball we played "normal" wargames in the early 80s. Back then, you could buy decent full/size replica M16s and AK47s at your local KMart. They would shoot sparks out the barrel when you pulled the trigger!! Awesome!! We would also use lazer tag, though it was a bit lame.

We first heard about paintball in 1985. You would sometimes see bits in TV and movies, and was ALWAYS represented as a war game. It was when I watched "ZERO BOYS" in 1986 that I knew thats what I wanted to do:

It has always shaped how I play. For example, Speedball has always seemed like a gimmick. A dull novelty that sucked everything that I liked out of paintball for me. But speedball didn't exist when I started. I'm sure the typical player on PBN has a very different viewpoint, as they were not born when I started playing.

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I found out about paintball around age 10... We were at a fair or show of some kind at the Santa Clara fairgrounds (Silicon Valley, CA). There was a paintball field set up there. Now there's a permanent field... but I want to think that back then it was set up as an exposition for the sport at whatever we were attending.

So my first glimpse was a kind of small field speedball type setup, though this was before airball bunkers and whatnot... it was like pre-fab sheds, spools, etc.

I convinced my parents to throw my ~13th birthday party at an indoor field in Santa Clara. I can't remember what it was called, but it was awesome, and is now shut down. It had standard wooden pallets and spools for bunkers, as well as a two story wooden play structure, with slides, stairs, snipers nests, and the like.

My first time getting shot, I was hit in the soft spot of the throat, which is pretty harsh for a middle schooler. I took a few minutes to recover, to this day I'm surprised I didn't take off my mask like so many noobs do.

Rentals were some sort of backbottle nelson pump- probably a trracer. The guys with semi autos were freaking scary.

I didn't play again until I was 18 (I had to pay for myself, drive myself and be able to sign my own waivers), but that's always been my preferred style of play. Something speedball-esque... I do love me some airball, but just general recreational fields that are fairly standard size with spools and bunkers and whatnot. I'm not a big woodsballer. Though I did love the one urban style scenario I attended. And I mostly play with pump- when I first started again (around 18) I had a couple model 98s, but soon after I picked up a phantom and a maverick and never looked back.

I still own two model 98's. They're in about 98 pieces in 2 boxes in my garage. They've been like that for at least 5 years now.

So the gist is I don't see paintball so much as a violent or war like thing... it's an athletic competition mixing dexterity, physical ability, and strategy, much like football, rugby, lacrosse, etc. I usually use terms like "marker" (though I do use "gun" pretty frequently) "tag" or "hit" instead of "kill", etc. It's not my desire to be politically correct or anything- I just started playing around the year 2002 on speedball fields where that was a common push- making the sport more legitimate, and that's kind of what shaped my vocabulary (and possibly my perspective) of the game
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