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Huh, not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

That Hydromat Rotatry is a freaking BEAST.

I see something I want though:
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Originally Posted by Detachment Bravo View Post
It's like looking into a coffin.

They had some serious gear there. Any of you machinist guys out there wanna take a guess at how much all this cost to set up? Huge debt load.
Isn't that the main reason they went under in the first place? Borrowed a pile of cash to update/expand their machining, then the banks/investors got cold feet and called in on the debt during the down turn?
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Any company is going to have to deal with substantial capital needs. My father specialized in startups, he called it the "OPM conundrum". OPM meaning "Other Peoples Money". Every company needs it, nobody wants to deal with the strings attached. That's really all the stock market is; a way to raise capital by selling interests in a company.

This isn't normally a problem as long as the wheels keep turning. When a lender has that much money on the line, their best interest is always to keep the company going somehow, even if that means they start making butt plugs for a while. Worst case scenario is liquidation. When the wheels stop turning you have a **** load of very expensive equipment sitting in the dark, and you are never going to sell it for more than it's worth to you if you had it running.

We are getting a peek into a horror show for any business or lender. I don't know the exact reasons why they went under (I have an idea, lawsuits) but whoever it was they owed money is seriously screwed right now.
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I'd love to have some of that machinery...but I wouldn't know how to work it.
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Well this was probably set up by the bankruptcy trust to get as much as they can to give to the banks, not by SP. The lender is pretty much hosed though once the wheels stop turning in the money making process and there is as much debt as there was rumored to be.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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