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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
Yeah, they're a little too hot. I like taking them off from time to time during break so I can let the knees on my pants dry out. (I have an overheating problem.)

Actually the good floorlayer knee pads are something like $200, rebuildable, and they strap on in a way that doesn't scrape the backs of your legs raw.

All in all it's not too bad, and much worth saving a trip to the ER! Stay SAFE!
To put a shameless plug in here.

I just got a pair from Valken and the pads are actually pretty breathable. I got their Sierra's and tried them out the first time this past weekend. They are vented in the nether region so keeps you cool, and the pad is only on the front and it is light weight but functional, and not very warm to wear.

Back to the sympathy.

Sorry to hear about the blow out. If I was still up Huntsville way I would come see you all at Bear Claw this year. Oh well. I will get back up that way sometime.
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I actually find the sewn in knees to be cooler than the strap-ons because they aren't held against my skin constantly, allowing for a bit of airflow in there.
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that sucks dude, the exact same thing happened to my buddy this weekend. He wasn't wearing his fancy pants and went to knee slide into a bunker and hit a root, messed up his knee pretty bad.
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Originally Posted by dmercure View Post
I have to walk in a stupid immobilizer for a couple days now.
Sorry about the game, congrats on the young man's injury though!

You're talking knee pads, not knee braces.

Like the OFG, my team has the Scary Old Guys sub-division. Knee brace(s) are an easy in.

Nice pics, too.
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there is a video I have on my youtube channel when I was in a fort, and I knee'd down on a rusted old drywall screw sticking straight up. I barely pricked my skin, but if I wasn't wearing knee pads combined with good padded pants, I'd be in serious trouble right now.

That is terrible that this happened to you. I really hope you have a fast recovery and definitely invest in some good knee pads when you get back on the playing field.

My personal recommendation is the Dye Knee Pads, they've saved me more times than I've ever thanked them for. Sprinkler heads, leftover stakes in the ground, rocks, roots, glass, puncture items like twigs and screws

That hurts just looking at your injury, I hope you feel better soon :-(
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^ just watched that video this morning actually.

My proto knee pads have been through hell and back but my knees are still fine.

After this my knees were hurting so bad. I was an idiot and forgot I wasn't wearing any pads and did a double knee slide across the field. I remember sitting in my bathroom picking sand and dirt off my bloody knees. NOT doing that again.
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Got a new pair of NXEs. They're pretty comfortable. I think I'll cut those pants into some sweet shorts and go all "Angus Young" next time.
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I read the title and thought "...too late."

Once you realize what sage advice this is, it's almost always too late. Ignoring people that tell you to put a towel over your jewels or wear a least that'll heal. Ignoring people that tell you to wear knee pads...that usually doesn't. I've got irreparable damage in both knees that I sustained playing paintball. I've since bumped up to what I think of as old-man-knee-pads. They'll survive absolutely anything....except sliding. ATAC superflex kneepads. Hard shell outer, so you don't get bounces, but that helps them protect you from stuff much better. Think of it as a bumper on a car.
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I'm a relative youngin' and I rock slider shorts with a cup and pro-tec street hard cap knee pads.

Got two screws and a pin in my left knee and I can take a slide going full steam (not all that fast at all really) in the woods all day no problems.
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Got lucky could be worse. I tore my ACL first game of the season last year get better.
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