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DXS custom.

Made my life hell last season.
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Draxxus Silver is about .684 and very round.

I shot some Premium last Fall and it sucked! Inconsistent sizes and not round.
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Originally Posted by Detachment Bravo View Post
DXS custom.

Made my life hell last season.
Oh god, I was shooting conquest for a while. I had to tape my lurker to even reduce rollouts a tiny bit.

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
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Glad someone raised this.

What IS going on? Is there some particular reason for the inverted arms race? I've noticed that I'm going to smaller sizes all the time. Last time out I ran my smallest (which was still a bit big, and noticed that my bolt rubbed all the finish off the first 1/4" or so of the back. At some point some of our bolts will no longer fit the bores, and we'll either have to start going smaller with those, or else go with different markers. And for what?

Titus and others are arguing for Nelson, but probably some folk don't have easy access to just any paint, any time they go. Lots of places are FPO, and that often means either low end junk, or high-end paint-filled BBs.

Sizers and kits make good sense for dealing with weather-related issues and minor manufacturing discrepancies. But it seems absolutely fantastic (even insane) to deliberately make paint with such pointless size variations.

Smaller paint doesn't have any physics advantage over standard, does it? Not like it flies further, or straighter, or breaks better, or anything.

Is this just some gimmick to keep us scrambling with smaller bores, so that we keep shelling out money in some looney goose chase? Is it an evil conspiracy with barrel kit manufacturers?

Perhaps it is to eek out savings? Rather like food industry selling us smaller and smaller boxes of cereal and other staples?

That's a bit hyperbolic, but I'm being thoroughly serious here. We all seem to be feeling the madness, but is there anyone here who is 'inside' and who can give an insider's explanation for this?
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it's the reason why our effeciency on the tests got cut in half from last year and the year prior.

Same CI tank, same pressure, same settings, same FPS, same ROF, 3 less pods on the same marker.

As a matter of fact, Dye had to remake a new eye pipe for their 2010 and 2011 guns because the original eye pipe wouldn't hold the balls back!

All the proof you need is when you shake the box of paint. Back about 2 years ago, the boxes of paint were so stuffed, they were practically busting at the seams. Remember? You were always afraid to stack the paint up too high, because you knew that the weight would be on the balls directly.

Now, take a case of paint and shake it, you can hear the balls rolling around. Yes they made the paint smaller, but the boxes are the still the same size LOL

Ain't foolin me :-)

^^^ and to answer Menace's question - Yes, there was a concious effort by paint companies to make the balls smaller. Less paint fill, less gelatin used, less weight = less cost. Companies made the decision to produce a smaller ball, to cut costs. If they can squeeze 5% more profit out of the selling 2000 rounds of the "smaller ball", that adds up over the course of a couple hundred pallets of paint.

Anyone else think that maybe we should stop counting the balls, and start weighing the boxes? LOL
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If you want paint to get back up to size these things need to happen.

1. cheaper shipping
2. cheaper gasoline
3. if these 2 fail then people need to boycott paintcompanies that are putting out small paint.
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
Perhaps it is to eek out savings? Rather like food industry selling us smaller and smaller boxes of cereal and other staples
That's it.
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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
They are going to make you use .50 cal one way or another.
That's right. This is just their way of easing you down a little at a time....
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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
Listen to Titus and stop bitching ya'll.
That works decent unless your fields have a FOP rule.
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Well, I wasn't really expecting the money answer in that sort of way, but it does seem to make sense.

So why not just charge more?

In the long haul it would still be cheaper when you factor all the hoop-jumping to keep pace with the smaller paint. I'll pay another $5 or so a case to keep it up to a standard caliber.

Besides, eliminating the original caliber of paint would hurt the pb economy, not help it. It's the reason major auto industries put out more than just one make, and more than just one model of that make.

And simply going down to .50 cal isn't going to matter anyway. Prices would stay the same, probably, and even then there would be nothing to prevent paint from getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.

Surely there will be backlash, if there isn't already.
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