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I have 3 places I buy from other than here, eBay, and other forums.

Paintball Online
Extreme Velocity (their online store is based out of their store here in Salem)
S&F paintball (My teams captains own it)
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I've ordered from ANS several time and had zero problems. I've ordered from twice and both times they shipped it the same day and the order was 100% correct both times.
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ive only ordered 2-3 online other than from good ol' mcb...and every time i did it with actionvillage. never had a problem, i think it was always shipped out either the same or next day.
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I've ordered from ans gear, paintball online, and action village a few times. Haven't had any complaints so far.
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I've been ordering a lot from paintball online. I got the VIP membership when it was on sale, but its worth it even at $10. Its nice being able to order a small part or a $15 co2 tank and not have to pay for shipping.

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Action Village going bye bye?

Action Village gone the way of the dodo?

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I have ordered from and not had any problems from them...and that was with 2-3 orders.
I have received parts from DoroSports through Amazon and they have been pretty responsive to any issue.
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Originally Posted by sonixr7 View Post
I have ordered from and had good experiences with:
I would add to that list. What I love about them is that they ship USPS Priority and I almost always get my stuff from them very quickly. I also found I&I Sports to be reliable when I needed an odd part.

Paintball Online was the last site I ordered from through their VIP program. The only problem with them is that I can't seem to get through to customer support online for problems with my membership. After three months, it seems to have disappeared. I don't know why.
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