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Invert Mini Storm question.

Hey guys. I'm the proud new owner of sn invert mini storm. Ive never owned anything like this before and was curious if anyone could help me out with some common issues they may have. I know lots of ppl have an issue with the trigger being "sloppy". I was also wondering if the virtue board was a good up or if it was even necessary. Are there any mini related sites that you would recommend?

Thanks Guys. I appreciate any info I can get
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If you change modes a lot get virtue, if not, dont bother. Like if you only play a tourney/use ramping once every few months, what the point? For the trigger I can't speak because i've only briefly held minis and my Axe has no trigger slop.
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Read around in the various Invert forums. There is a lot of good info there about problems common among them.

As to the board, the stock board is quite capable and works fine. The "issue" with them is that they don't store info when the battery is removed longer than 15 seconds. Programming is not as simple as the format common in other manufacturers.

Trigger slop is a common complaint, as well as the mushy feeling from having no switch. Not a lot to do about it.
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As for the trigger, its possible to get the slop out, it just takes time. I have stock triggers on both of mine with no slop, but it took 30 mins on each one going a 1/4 turn at a time until the trigger tightened up. The thing is that they are no where set nearly the same...its just a matter of spending some time on it.

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