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semi i play strictly pump with space guns and i still feel outgunned sometimes i just brought someone to the field for the first time gave him 98c and he loved it good for beginers easy dont have no worry about battery and what not


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My vote is brought up they tend to be less mechanical (not only in operations but also in malfunction chops and such). It tends to be easier to chop with pump and then you are spending more time cleaning barrels than playing the game. Semi's and newbs may fire more paint as in spray and pray....but it is that, so you typically don't have to worry about one person getting tagged 10 times before calling themselves out.
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Since its a Private game, I would say Pump. My first game I ever played was with a pump, and its being worked back into my playing and I love it. Its simple and easy to use and if you really want to spray some paint, you can always auto-trigger and get some good rates of fire.
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Yeah I started playing with a private group, all of us used BE Talons. It went really well, and I'm sure better quality guns would have made for even more fun. It doesn't matter what disadvantages you dole out, as long as it's the same for everyone.

I think the most important thing to do when you bring these guys out is to make sure they learn how to aim their shots and move to get angles instead of sitting back and "walking them in." Maxing their ammo out at less than 100 paintballs will encourage movement and aim, which will not only make for a fun time, it teaches good fundamentals.

That said, if they end up wanting to spray like crazy you can always just top the hoppers up a little more.
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Definitely do some version of limited hopperball, especially the first game or two.

That way, you could still mix it up with pumps and mags without worry. With everyone thinking about strategy over firepower, no one will feel especially (dis)advantaged, and each style will have something going for and against it. That should keep the speed at a reasonable level, and make everyone feel as comfy as possible while getting their legs under them. And the style differences should also encourage people to switch markers.
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Semi is best way to get them into paintball. They will just be frustrated with pump when going against electros. Once they play semi a few times, tell them that people with balls use pumps.
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Let em shoot!

Add a few pumps for those fellas who want to feel like they are running with shotguns! The rest can shoot semis (BT4s or 98s). Everyone gets the same amount of paint. Give 'em 100 rounds and the game will be over much sooner - save that for later games once the itchy trigger fingers are less twitchy. We have new players come play with us at our outlaw field all the time and besides the fun at the chrono (as someone already mentioned above), they just like the feel of shooting in general, whether they hit someone or not. As long as everyone has the same amount of paint, at least for the first 2 games - don't really think it matters how much, but I'd give em full hoppers to begin with.
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I would say pump. For this reason. Most people that play their first time dont move let alone shoot. You can give them full hoppers and pod packs and it wouldnt matter. Were not talking ramping guns were talking automags. You can play with a pump which will intrigue. Some people will like the experience of shooting as much as they can. Others will shoot very little. Ive noticed that by the end of the day they realize it doesnt hurt and they start opening up. Since you are only playing for an hour or so you may not see that happen, but they can still have a blast. A long time ago we used to shoot the new player in the start station. They would be like why did you shoot me etc. To show you it doesnt hurt. You could also stand in front of them at the shooting range and run around letting them shoot at you a couple people at a time. Shows your not afraid of getting shot, and gets them pumped about shooting a live target and not get shot back at. There are many ways to introduce people to the sport. Let them have fun the first day and they may come back and try your pump the next time.

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You have a good point there. I've called the field and we should go there next thursday, the 26th. I actually presented the guys with the options and just let them decide for themselves. I believe it'll really be pump afterall.
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Do a few games with pure semis with 100 rnds each game and then a few more with pumps only. Finally, when everyone knows what they like, let them choose. I started with a semi -> electro -> semi -> pump (currently). I like woodsball more than speedball.

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