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Ill spare all the nitty gritty of my collection and just the arc of main guns.

-Wgp ranger pump
-AK-1 Avenger (z1 clone)
-Autococker (94)
-Polished out and studded with chrome and nitro Vm68
(Those two held place in my gear bag at the same time)
-Back to my 94 cocker
-Palmer houndstooth
-Custom cocker that I milled/annoed/built
-B2k with angel frame and board
-Impulse (no no really)
-Palmer Blazer
-Gen-E matrix
-Ir3 Fly angel
-Tippmann Effect (then thor omega) E-A5
-b2k4 with eyes
- Emagnum'ed Emag (morlock board emag)
-Omen (no again really)

Then doom struck and I started working at a speed ball field and the tourny bug came and bit down HARD.

- Lasoya Timmy
- 2k2 timmy
- freestyle
- SFT shocker
- 05'ed Classic timmy
- 05 Leopard annoed Ego
- Marq Rapper
- Vice
- 05 black magic CCM pump ( I ran this for about a year )
- 07 ego
- droid
- two 09 egos (I bought traded an all white one for a tribal one in a week. Both sucked)
- dm9
- built up black hearted Sp1
- Marq Victory
- And now my main semi is that BH'ed Sp1

RIP - Ed "BigDaddy" Roth and "Indian" Larry
Wild Geese - Coney Isand White Fish - ECA
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-98c starter pack. Bought a J&J barrel and JCS Stock.
Played with this for about two years, then enlisted in the Marine Corps. Stationed in Okinawa, I always planned to bring my 98 over, never did. While deployed to Korea, the Palmer's bug bit again and bought the gun I always wanted:
-Blazer 2k.Black, dual stabs, RF, RVA mounted JCS stock. Didn't like where the stock was, so moved it to the bottom of the grip. Broke the bellcrank, so I installed the pump kit I had. From then on, pretty much played with it as a pump only.
-Bought a bunch of Sheridans for games in the woods near my house.
-Pyre. Just ordered from PPS.Black, T-stock, female stab, RF.
-T2. In the process of ordering from CCM. RF, black and white, ordered T-stock and female stab for it.
-Many more to come...
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I'll save a lot of time and space:

1st) PGP

2nd) Pro Carbine

3rd) TIppman 98

4th) A-5

5th) Blazer

Somewhere later) CCM S5

50th (or so) Stock class Brass again... back to square 1.

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Fan of EMR
Too much guns to remember in order :P

Viewloader genesis surge II(used, worst first purchase of my life)
Tippmann c98 (dye ul, rt and halo b)
Add lots of other tippmanns except a5 and tons of project related(oh yeah I had a 1700$ c98 kit once that wasn't working right and e-board failed really fast)
Sergison pgp
b2k pds(second worst purchase of my life when I wanted to try speedball, ended up not doing speed)


oh some pistols in there core zx

E-mag, mags, project insert here


Palmer cherry pyre

dukie drv wich solded before really playing with(first run is not my type of gun )

Oh and now I got my first e-autococker

Not in order guns lol

Best gun so far:
First c98 with rt
it-body mag when it wanna work perfect
e-bolted c98
Pmi-II on warm day w/co2 (Dunno about tiny balls now, last played when field was still in .688-689, now they are .684)

Le Renard Youtube Channel
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My first gun was an A-5 bought on a Black Friday. 2006 I believe. Eventually, I tired of that, sold it, and bought myself a Mag. It was kinda touchy with me, so I traded it for a VSC Phantom. I've never looked back since then. Now, I have a brand new Phantom on the way, which will replace the other one as my primary marker.

I have several other markers but I forget how I came by most of them. The primary one is what's important.
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TWO Phantoms? Damn, son.

I know lotsa people have more that two but still... Damn, son. lol

Victis Honor

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Nemo Malus Felix
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Gray Ghost
Montneel Z1
VM 68
Shocker 4x4
Proto Matrix 6
Ego 08
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Started with a 98c that I paid for with my own money back when I was about 13-14. I recieved upgrades for christmas/birthday... I then decided that I wanted an electro and found an Ion on cl. From there on it has been.
- Invert Mini (still have)
-2002 autococker (sold)
- Sold Ion
-05 ego (sold)
-2003 prostock autococker (still have)
-2004 prostock autococker (still have)
The only paintball items that I have purchased new have been 98c, cp tank, rotor, and all my masks. All other items have been things that have come with the guns I have picked up
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many many moons ago when I was just a wee lad:
rented taso spartan
borrowed friend's VM-EXC
borrowed brother's tippmann prolite
borrowed friend's diablo (pump)
bought Brass Eagle Tigershark

just before and shortly after 2000:
bought myself a PMI Piranha STS G3
bought myself a tippmann 98c and a flatline
bought myself a diablo (pump)

More recently, from visiting MCB:
bought myself 4 former rental VM-68s
bought myself a PMI Piranha EVO SE
bought a wood stocked PMI 1 that Pillage put together
bought myself a nice shiny brass PGP
bought myself a classic automag
bought myself a VM-EXC
bought myself a PMI Trracer
bought myself a Vulcan pump for no real good reason
Assembled my Rattlermag
bought myself an Odyssey RPM
bought myself a former Rental Automag

and thats pretty much it, I think. so thats something like 18 guns that I've owned
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1st VM68 EXC, a butt load later.
98 Sniper right feed
2000 right feed Cocker
Half block Sniper
RT Classic
Double barrel Sheridan built by me.
Nelspot of some kind
Enough parts and bodies to build about eight more guns.
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