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Heart of a Sheridan!
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Wink Nelsons are calling to me!

Hey all,

So as some of you may know, I'm a Sheridan guy. I buy Sheridans, I sell Sheridans, I buy more Sheridans. I've been seeing alot of brass lately, and I like it. However, theres a little itch going on everytime a take a peek at one of those Nel-spots that come up from time to time. I think "you know, could do something with that". So I just might look into the Nelson base crowd.

So, what'ch ya think? Should I tast alittle of the dark side, or stay pure and keep to Sheridans? Cus Lord knows I love a nice back bottle, long barrel setup.

Anyway, just a silly thread. Thanks.

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So, does anyone else have those moments where you're like "I've been here before..."
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Didn't you post this before?
The Winchester Project

And me feedback.
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I guess I would call myself a "sheridan" guy too, but I went ahead and answered the call of the Nelson and now have to high end Nelsons that I love.

Do it man. Besides, you know that if you don't like it, you can always trade it on here.
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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I'm a sheridan guy also. But straying from the norm is not a bad thing. The CCI revolution has my attention!
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Buzz Killington
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i'm a nelson guy to the core. Twice i got sheridans and it didn't go well for me... never again. I love them, plain and simple and fun. DO IT!

And yeah, if it doesn't work just sell or trade on here. lol
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You don't have to pick. It's ok to just love paintball guns in general.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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Just remember two things...

As a sheridan guy you'll quickly find breech drop designs just... wrong (ball falls down into breech, then has to be lifted up into the barrel?!?)

Also going cold turkey on brass can be fairly dramatic.

Now a bore drop nelson design with a smattering of brass (namely internals) has potential. Heck, old Kingman Hammers fit the bill quite nicely, and are quite affordable. They do need a little work to be up to par, but then that's half the fun now isn't it?
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Actually I am nelson-curious too.
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just remember.

nelson is adam.

sheridan is just eve.
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nelsons and sheridans both have appealing aspects to me, thats why I own and use both on the field, as well as the Falcon which is equally born of both their greatest strengths.
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Apoc has it right. There's good and bad about both sides. I tend to go with the Nelson style gun more, but there's a certain...swagger, for lack of a better term...that Sheridans seem to have. Every time I clean out my collection of brassies, I always end up with more.

There isn't really a wrong choice in the debate, but I think there's three possible outcomes.
A- Nelsons are cool, but not for me. I'll stick with Sheridans.
B- ZOMGZ How have I never bothered with Nelsons! Goodbye Sheridan!
C- Hey, Nelsons are pretty sweet! But so are Sheridans! I see good things in both, and my collection will now achieve new levels of awesomeness. (clearly the best outcome)

I say give it a shot. Pick up a Nelspot or a phantom, and give it a good run. I think you'll find something to like about them. And I warn you now, if you start turning out walnut pump handles for wallet is going to come out there and hurt you.
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