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I personally like my Exalt tank cover over the BlackStar because it does cover up the tank a little further.
Both are a PITA to get on and once you are used to them they are easy to do. You actually use the same technique to get them on. Flip the tank cover inside out and roll it onto the tank. The Exalt is thinner then the Blackstar but is longer and covers more of the tank.
Again like Blackrain said, I would rather cover my tank up a bit more then have a hole drilled into it when I go to hydro-test it.

PS... I already have marks in my tank cover from diving into bunkers. Better marks in the cover then marks in the tank right?
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I dig the tape. I use renfru hockey tape on all my tanks and it works awesome

It gives just enough tack to hold against my shoulder, but not so much that it rips my jersey. I've tried the rubber end caps, like BS, Exalt, Angel, and I still tend to like the hockey tape the best. It's cheap ($3 for a roll that does about 10 tanks), easy to remove, easy to replace, and extremely low profile on the tank.

I always keep a roll in my toolkit, in case a new player with a shiny slick new tank comes to the field :-)
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Lots of major events check tanks going to be used, and will make you peel the hockey tape off so they can make sure you're not covering up a major nick in the tank with it. Unless you want to be "that guy" holding up a line trying to get all the tape off your tank, get a removable cover.

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^^ I'm pretty sure if they are visually inspecting every single tank at a major event, you'll be in line long enough to remove your hockey tape.

With that being said, I've never been to an event where the person running the fill station decided he was going to give every single player a free ASTM visual inspection on every tank that was in line to be filled.

Check hydro dates? Yea I've seen that, but inspecting everyone's tank for nicks and scratches? I've never seen that happen. And what about the recent "gel coated" tanks that tend to get cracks / nicks / bubbles in the gel coat? The resin, carbon fiber and aluminum structure are all 100% perfect, just the gel coat is cracked.

But if the people running the air fill stations do decide to visually inspect every single tank at a tournament, ABOVE simply checking the hydro date, you'll have MORE than enough time to take off your tank tape / rubber cap / tank cover, because you'll be waiting for the other 500+ people in front of you to do the same thing
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I've tried the tape idea that I saw on some TechPB video a long time ago. Didn't really dig it as much as a cover. Now, I don't use a huge cover either. I've been using a redz tank cover that's pretty thin. For me, I don't want my tank scratched up. It cost me a TON of money and even though a cover won't really offer much protection, it's just a peace of mind thing I guess.
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thanks guys i will just get the butt but since they are so cheap im might get both and try them
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