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This is MCB, not the internet. Let's keep it that way.

To answer your question: Upgrade your game. This is a forum of people who regularly 'rock faces' with a PGP and 30 rounds of paint while wearing a red hawiian shirt and tartan kilt. A good mask and a gym membership (And days at the field) will do more for you than a SL8tr or Vice or whatever the kids are toting these days.

But if you really want my advice on tech: Minimag for oldskool, T9/TM-15 for tactikool, P-12 with 1399 stock for brass, and Freestyle if you want an electro.
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Originally Posted by Chubs View Post
No, I'm Sparticus!

I think we should all have replied with that first.

Lots of great advice already given. I concur to go with the google system first. The apparel and such to me is secondary, you can go out and play in a pair of gym shorts if that suits you best. You will find what apparel fits your play style once you get out and practice more. And before spending $100 on a good pair of pants, look on Craigslist and such for used stuff to are better off spending $10 on a pair and finding out you don't like them, than you are spending $100 and only selling them for $10. Ask friends and folks you meet on the field what they think. THey may even let you borrow some stuff to try.

As to limited paint being cheaper up front....nah, you can spend $600 on a pump marker just as easily as you could an electro. You could also spend some money on upgrades for your current marker, but if it just does not feel right, or the upgrades are very expensive, then use this as a back up later on. Type of marker should reflect type of player. You may find you like old school brass pumps....or dual wield pistols.

The point being stick with what you have for a marker until you get out there and play more...then your style will develop and you will get to try out more stuff...don't be afraid to use a rental if it is a marker that you may be interested in trying out, for example, an A5. Just remember it is rental so it may have been beat to heck and back....
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granted, i am a gun whore, so im saying this with a grain of salt...

use what you have and get to know what you can and cant do with it rather than blow money on a marker every week. you can buy a new gun every week and try this and that one but it wont make you any better, but simply waste your money.

if you find that you dont like that marker, or that kind of play, after several times of using it (more than 2), then i would say sell that marker first then go out and buy something you think you might like better.
Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
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Your Bravo one is a Mechanical Semi. You now need (in no particular order):
  • Electro Semi
  • Open Class Pump
  • Stock class pump

Rinse and Repeat.
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Originally Posted by sparticus View Post
i am some wut of a newbie and i have a bravo one, n e suggestion and what the next one should be?
Next what? Next Bravo? Next thing to buy? I'm not following. I mean the next Bravo would logically be called the Bravo 2...unless you're asking about a Charlie 1...Next piece of equipment should be a good mask. If you're asking about guns then just get a nice Autococker. Those things never go out of style.
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I did not give MAR any just wouldn't be right to unleash that upon this Earth.

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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Your Bravo one is a Mechanical Semi. You now need (in no particular order):
  • Open Class Pump
  • Stock class pump

Rinse and Repeat.
and repeat... and repeat... and repeat... and repeat... and repeat...

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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