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corykusmc06 06-18-2011 05:52 AM

Reffing Paintball?
Ok, so I am starting my first day as a Ref tomorrow. Just started playing like 3 months ago but the owner of my local field must have seen something he liked and offered me a job. First day reffing any refs have any tips let me know. I will check this in the am before i head out. Thanks in advance.

i8pie2day 06-18-2011 05:57 AM

Covered this about a month ago. :)

Reffing can be really rewarding but say goodbye to some of your play time. Have fun with it but remember that your job is first and foremost to protect the players, not just to make money. Other than that, read through that thread quickly and you should do just fine. Good luck :D

Brother Jerry 06-18-2011 12:30 PM

Good luck Cory...always remember that part of the job of the Ref is to ensure people are having a good fair and consistent.

UR A DEAD MAN APPLES 06-18-2011 02:29 PM

Also, one thing for sure, make sure you remember this as a lot of refs don't. Out on the field, you are final authority, you make the calls and inforce and in some cases make up adapt the rules. Don't be afraid to make bad calls, a bad call is worse than no call at all.

I used to ref as well, but let me give you an example of a bad ref: I was play at a field and me and a kid decided we would sneak around, just to the outside of the field is a clearing that opens up but the bushes are so thick you can almost walk by and come out halfway down the field on their side. The ref came out because someone spotted us and raised the question if we were out of bounds. He came out and didn't really do anything, he asked us if we knew we were out of bounds, it was my first time playing on the field so I had no idea. I asked him where the boundry was, he responded that he wasn't sure and it was at that point someone all the way across the clearing began firing at us (and the ref) and despite getting us all in the open as we were talking to the ref, refused to stop; after trying to yell that we were out and trying to sort out if they were out, we of course got frustrated and shot back and it was iron man until the kids came out. That could have all been avoided if the ref had just made up his mind quickly and called us out(I found out later we were in fact out-of-bounds).
Even though the ref didn't know, he still should have made a call one way or the other, not hesitated until something bad happened.

It's rec ball, try and learn the rules as best you can, but sometimes you may have to make up a rule or reinterpret a rule to fill a loop-hole, make the decision to the best of your ability and stick by it then sort it out off the field.

Some other good pointers:
-For a field ref, you're more of a life guard than a paint checker. You have to enforce safety, which means you can't spend too much time in one place.
-Try and stay out of people's line of fire, but stand in a place where you can see as much of the field as possible.
-Before a game, make sure everyone knows that you can't check every questionable hit, have their teammates check instead of calling a ref.
-Stick by your calls, even if it's a bad call, even if you know you made a mistake, your word is final and make sure they know that. A good field owner will stick by his refs.
-Here is the 2011 PSP rulebook, read and memorize. Not everything applies to recball, but it is a good way to make sure you have a complete understanding of the rules.

Hawkeye20 06-18-2011 04:42 PM

EVERY SINGLE TIME that the game is over and people are leaving the field, stand next to the exit and just say "Barrel covers, barrel covers, barrel covers..." until everyone has exited. Don't let anyone out without one.

If someone removes their mask on the field, game or no game, tell them to put it on. If they don't hear you, repeat it until they do. Get progressively louder each time you repeat it, the most calm order being a raised voice, and the worst being rehearsing your 9-1-1 call and wiping fingerprints...

In all seriousness, be nice, don't be afraid to yell at someone if they need it, make friendly conversation between games (not too much talking, just a little small-talk), make sure to carry a microfiber cloth with you to wipe masks between games (after each game say something like "Anyone need a mask wipe, come over here!" loudly), and have fun doing it!

Jinx 06-18-2011 04:54 PM

You get shot. A lot more then normal for some reason

Person 06-21-2011 12:36 PM

hey the refs at my field are teenagers and they are very cool and I talk to them. talk to the players, joke around a little bit BUT you need to remember 2 things

SAFETY AND HAVE FUN!!! good luck

russc 06-21-2011 02:10 PM

If you have a decent yelling voice, use it! If you have a mickey mouse squeaky voice, pipe down. I hate to say it, but customers lose respect for refs when they have high pitched voices and start yelling.

Move your *** to go paintcheck, and be the guy to take control of the situation when players are walking in. So many refs just sit on their *** waiting for the other guys to divide teams, give out armbands, count players or explain the game. If they aren't doing it, pick up the slack and you'll probably end up making more than they are.

Eskimo 06-21-2011 03:21 PM

I say this before every game when everyone is still in a bunch
"........ect ect....the game we are playing.... any questions?......

Please remember that every person around you has a capability of putting you in the hospital, If you have ever tried to Pick up a crushed Eye ball off the ground while your Head pounds with every flood of pouring blood out of a eye socket. Trust Me, It sucks.

Be safe!!"

As a ref I have no problem with inspiring Safety through fear.

UR A DEAD MAN APPLES 06-21-2011 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Jinx (Post 1880991)
You get shot. A lot more then normal for some reason

Probably because you're standing in the middle of people's line of fire. I'll be honest, I've popped a ball or two at a ref to get him to move because he was standing in between me and a guy I have otherwise a perfect shot on.
Biggest thing is to try and stay out of the way of others when they are trying to play. You're there to enforce the rules and try and keep people safe. Unlike a speedball or tournament game, you aren't part of the equation.
You're not responsible for every paint check nor is it your job to call people out. They should get up, when they don't get up under their own volition that is when you start laying into people.

You are a walking rule book, not a baby sitter.

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