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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
...the pump is the most unforgiving marker in existence. It cannot be counted on, ever, to fill any of the voids in your game. Any flaw, and any lack of skill, will be magnified when using the pump. If you canít play well with a pump, it is because you canít play well. And if you can play well with a pump, you can play well with any marker. And popular or not, it really is just that simple, and that true.
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Originally Posted by BlueDragonX View Post
+1. If you suck at pump you suck at paintball. IMO, playing pump helps the player discover the weaknesses in his game that might have been hiding behind his space gun.
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Because I have yet to play a game where I felt like it was a burden to play with a pump. So I only play with them, its more fun that way.
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I play pump for several reasons:

1. the walkons are generally less intimidated by it at first glance compared to the space guns. They dont fret about getting lit up. " No, its just a pump. he can only shoot once every time he pumps it. "

2. Its cheaper and im poor

3. Has improved my game alot.

4. The challenge and the reward. There is no feeling like the one you get when you enter a speedball tourney and use a pump and dome someone off the break. Especially when everyone is asking if you are joking.

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Originally Posted by grimace
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