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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Because it is still an electro, no matter what mode it is in. If you wanted to use it in a rec or non-ramping environment you would have the firepower of a quick mech marker. The two finger trigger eliminates this.
I think this is the long and short of it.
The number of semi-only fields I play at still outnumber those that allow ramping.
Even if the opposite is true for tournament leagues, when someone buys a gun they want it to be ready for anything.
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Yes this is why I made that mag. But now I here how I am a cheater because i use ramping or nxl. Like I cant pull faster than 10 bps, oops i can pull 20. So they generally wish I was still using the single trigger marker after I switch to a semi auto Ego mag.

The pros are all correct, much more control over the marker with a single frame.

Tipman had great success with this in the A5, but not in a tourney marker.
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Yeah I agree that it boils down to the versatility of having the double trigger for those tourneys and fields that DON'T allow ramping. I have been a big supporter of the idea of a tourney-styled gun like the Ego, NT, etc. with a single trigger. Sadly all we've really gotten recently is the SP1- good marker as it is but I'm looking more for something sans rails and excessively long body. Heck, even something like the Axe with a single trigger would be great.
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a double trigger is still better for ramping anyway. You can walk the trigger for the first 3 shots or whatever and start the ramp faster. Most players I know walk the trigger when ramping anyway.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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When I first start shooting a lane or when I'm snap shooting. I always use 2 fingers. It lets me get off the first 3 shots before the ramp kicks in as fast as possible.

The effect of having better stability due to an extra finger around the grip part of the frame is negligible for me as I always have my gun tucked in tight to my shoulder.

What I may wanna try is a gun with maybe a smaller trigger, not quite single and not quite double. Something along the lines of a Dye Carter Buzzard but with a larger trigger guard.
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lols. cut the junk off an sp1.

blackheart it for eyes.

BAM! single trigger spacegun with limitable ramping
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Not all tournaments and leagues allow ramping. A lot of local and beginner-level tournaments are semi-auto only; and, of course, there's the NPPL and tournaments set up in that vein, which are semi-auto only. So, if you play in both formats (ramping and semi-auto), the issue of having to change trigger frames and/or markers to practice and compete at different times will trade off with any potential benefits accrued through a "more stable shooting platform".
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I use ramping a few times a yr. That's only at special events. Other wise never. As for the SP1. You can remove the rails. GoG also sells the single and double trigger kit. I like ramping with my mech cocker. Nothing like 8 BPS

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Only time I ramp is when I'm borrowing a gun and it's usually on 8-10 bps cap and I'm using one finger. It would be nice to have a single trigger frame on a G6r or Vice.

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I really think the multi-fingered trigger advancements parelled marker lightness development.
Even though quicker firepower was the main intent, having more fingers to devevote to that task was part of the intent on lighter weight to weild on your marker.

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