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Originally Posted by flyweightnate View Post
Airball bunkers are safe and cheap.
airball bunkers are not that cheap just easy to maintain and clean. i think plywood or somthing more solid would be more appealing. it's just when i watch people play i hate seeing people push their self into a bunker (forming the bunker around them) not to get hit. on my field we use plastic pallets and they work good. just my opinion.
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Have the fastest time to score a point factor into winning.
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Point for creativity but I don't think its needed and so I don't think it will help. There have already been plenty of formats including flags. I don't play airball but I seem to remember one of them using the center flag format. Woodsball has plenty of flag formats. I think sppl is the best so far. I don't really think the idea of adding something like a"flagger" is helpfull I think its just over complicating an idea that already exists. But I do agree that they need a major sponsor to support the SPORT, not just the same 5 overrated nobodies. Just my two cents
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If the flagger system was implemented, it would need to be a race style format, time taken to score for offense should matter just as much as the points.
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Originally Posted by flyweightnate View Post
Airball bunkers are safe and cheap.

Besides that, the incentive to push upfield needs to be stronger, somehow. Maybe 2 minutes to score, then the flagger switches. Or you need an elimination every 30 seconds. Something.
limited paint coupled with a short time limit is the solution. it makes for a nerve wracking moment of WTF is going on. when you make your final push for the final guys.
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There was a verson of this a little while ago. It didn't take off then it won't take off now.
As for the possible merger, the psp should never have existed. It was the psp that started ruining paintball. I remember the down slide, and then the cliffs dropoff. Paintball lost a massive amount of players when this happened. Though there are more players that attend the psp events, the format itself is a bankrupter. In this horsepoop economy, name the average person who can pay for psp, practice, and support themselves; ie rent, car bill, insurence, etc. I speek from experience.
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I support any new type of format to try to make paintball an actually viable sport. Give it a shot, guys!
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this kind of reminds me of the VIP scenario
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I like the idea, but I don't think it would "take over" traditional professional paintball. I think it would be an interesting format to try and maybe publicize, but I think it would sort of like a "baby step" into "true" paintball.

I agree with previous posters saying limited paint and time would be the key to keeping the pressure on the players, maybe keep it mech markers only. I could forsee this becoming like how hockey is played (minus the fights). Have a penalty box for minor penalties from the defense, eliminations from the defensive side of play would count as points while the only way for the offense to score is with the flag hang.

I feel as though this would be a good addition to the types of gameplay.
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