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Originally Posted by Castro #66 View Post
They scare me. I can't believe they were ever ASTM certified (or are they?).
Those tanks have been around forever. Long before paintball. TASO was selling them around 1990 to 1991. But airguns have been using them since the 50s.

The reason why they exist is no secret- Walmart has serious difficulty selling paintball. "CO2".

Originally, you had 2 choices: disposable 12grams, or have large tanks refilled. Walmart will -never- allow its employes to fill large tanks. So under the traditional "paintball plan", you were stuck with 12grams.

That worked until walmart started selling the Stingray. It was shipped with a 12gram changer! Its bad enough that it only gets 5-10 shots, but after the last shot, it chops a ball and jams up the gun.

What moron thought that was a good idea? One of my clients is the local walmart. I remember them telling me that back in the mid 90s, they had jammed up stingrays coming back EVERY day! Walmart was selling 7oz tanks, but nobody bought them. Nobody to fill them... no way to find out, since back then paintball fields were strickly WORD-OF-MOUTH. They didn't advertise, or use the internet.

So walmart starting selling those larger disposable tanks. Seems like a good enough idea. I'm sure walmart loves the idea of selling a paintgun for cheap.... then the owner has to keep coming back to buy co2 and paint and upgrades. Brilliant!

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Originally Posted by brew52 View Post
I have used these alot. Sheridan made a short run of air rifles that used these. They are also refillable if you are lucky enough to have one of these. It is an on/off valve built by Cooper-T.
I wouldn't trust refilling them. Like a 12 gram, they are NOT rated for refilling, and multiple fillings could stress it to the point of failure. This happened when people figured out how to make a valve in a used 12g, after a few fillings, they simply ruptured. Not good.

I do like the 88/90g tanks, though. Allow for a light and compact setup, especially under a stock, since they are thinner than a 3.5/7/9oz. I wish someone other than cRAP4 made small refillable tanks like this, but I guess with the ready availability of 3.5oz's, no one has seen a market. (RAP4 makes their tanks for use on their guns, hidden in a stock) And I'd rather keep buying Catalina 3.5oz's and support American industry.
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I used them a couple of times and loved them. super nice balance on my p68 AT
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I still have an unpunctured Spare-Air brand one of these with the adapter. I think I've used a total of 2 in the few years I've been playing, thought about cranking that one onto my Phantom just to waste it.
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Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
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[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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What I found out about 88/90gs and 12gs is the airgun brands tend to have oil added when filled, to help lubricate the airgun. Maybe that's why Crosman's are so dirty? So if you're worried about the added oil, buy paintball branded cartridges, or the best would be food/horticulture/safety(life vest/life boat) cartridges.
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Thread necro, but relevant. After buying a couple of these I happened to see this refilling custom cylinder on Amazon: I cannot seem to cut and paste on phone grr, so / look for refillable jt 90g. I am not suggesting anything about safety here our that you should purchase, just that I thought it was interesting.

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