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Is my old stuff worth selling?

****EDIT**** Please do not PM me to ask directly what I have in an effort to sneak past other people. I honestly don't know what I do or don't want to sell at this time as I have an emotional attachment to every single item. It has taken me the better part of 2 decades to collect all of this. Also, nothing is going to be thrown out at this point. I was at a local paintball store today which shall remain nameless, and they nicely gave me some free parts and free CO2 to get some of my guns back up and running. They have "historical" paintball items on the wall for display to their customers. I will be giving them anything that I was going to originally throw out. That way EVERYBODY can enjoy what I collected and I don't feel like it was completely wasted. ***********

Ok, I'm not going to go into details as I know that this isn't the for sale forum or the equipment exchange. I just want to know if it's worth my time to start cataloging and listing all my ultra vintage gear? It there even a market for it? Or would it just be easier to fire it in the trash.

I started playing in 1989 and I was a bit of a hoarder as far as gear goes. Then, paintball started to explode and grow bigger, so I started keeping things as I advanced just for memories sake. Once I was doing really well, I always kept a wad of cash on hand so that when I was traveling around and "that guy" said, yeah, I've got this old piece of crap... want to buy it for $2 I would say YES. I had it in my head that when I got older, I would still be playing all the time and that I would have a paintball museum den... but unfortunately real life happened...

Now, I have over 20 boxes of vintage paintball gear. Old masks (that can never be used to play with again), old goggles, old magazines, old hoppers, jerseys and a ton of old markers. Some of it I will likely have stuffed in my coffin when I die if my kids don't seem to want it. I didn't spend the better part of 2 decades playing to just forget. Unfortunately though, I need to purge most of it.

I know the guns have large value... that's a given. What about the unusable masks? The ultra rare hoppers? The magazines? Is there even a market for this stuff? I tried going through the EE forum but found very little if it wasn't markers. Most of this stuff would have been put in $2 or thrown out years and years ago. Now however, you don't just see this anymore.

Anybody have any opinions? And like I said, this is not the proper area to buy sell things so don't ask for details like that. I'm just trying to decide if I should bother photographing 20 boxes worth of stuff for say $10. My time is worth more than that.

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Depends on what it is. I would say it is worth trying to sell before tossing it out though. Maybe take a few group photos so people can see what you have.
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The masks, maybe.. there is a new trend of renovating classic masks with new goggle frames. I think they mostly are looking for Vents(?)

Old hoppers -- possible. I've seen some interest here

Magazines -- probably only good to sell as a lot. Wouldn't require much time to photograph though, doesn't need a thorough description.

Jerseys -- Tough to say

Hope that helps
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Nah it is all worthless specially the markers....just go ahead and send it me....I will PM you my address

Seriously though something you could do is look around locally or even on here and see if there are any youth groups or something that are trying to start a PB team and donate it too them. Let them sort it out.

I am not at that point yet locally as I just moved down here, otherwise I would offer to take some of that off your hands if you were willing to part with it. That is how I got my last youth team together was through donated stuff, helped me out tremendously in getting the kids involved and thinking they had their own gear.
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If there was ever a place to sell such things, you have found it. There are many of us here that do like collecting the old and unusual, even if only for display purposes or for sentimental reasons. You may want to sell things in groups/packages, to save yourself the headache of photographing and listing each individual item, then packaging and shipping them out a piece at a time....particularly if individual items may be a low dollar value.

Gun add-ons/upgrades/replacement parts may be worth selling individually, and seem to move fairly quickly. Certain softgoods, (ie: harnesses and the like) depending on make and purpose (ie: stock class harnesses, Idema gear, etc) are often also sold. Spend a little time cruising through the rare/old and miscellaneous items BST's to get a feel. If you're stumped on how to price things, you can always make a post in "Ask the Experts".
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I'm not far from Toronto I'll come by and check it all out for you.
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It doesnt hurt to list them up forsale.

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Masks can still be sold. Alpha434 does Vents conversions to new lenses, you can still get Scott lenses direct from the manufacturer, and JT is still using the same lenses after all these years.
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I'm also on the east side of Toronto and always interested in older stuff. Post up a "group shot" of what you have as I'm sure somebody on here will probably be interested in something you have.
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To be honest I would say no to selling it. the hoppers will probably go for 10-15, mask can probably get around 25 (obviously depending) and the average gun probably 80-120. But the jerseys and stuff like that may be worth putting up. If any of it is Venomwear or Renegade it can get you a good amount (if its a unique color or a jump suit then it can get you A LOT). But it can all vary greatly, I'd say make a list in B/S/T and if someone is interested in an item you can then take a picture and send it to them to save time
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