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My first time was in June of '03 at Paintball Depot in West Milford, NJ. My younger brother wanted to try it for this birthday party, so he, my dad, about a dozen of his friends, and I played as a private group for a day. I had to bug my parents for almost a year before I convinced them to let me play again. Got my first marker shortly thereafter, a PMI Black Maxx.
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early 90s, I wanna say either 92 or 93, because we had to have my buddy's dad sign our waiver forms. Field was in Coal Valley, IL. Using rental pumps, I think they might have been taso spartans, or at least some nelson style. They split us into teams of about 25 playing capture the flag.

Sat at our back tape line camouflaged and shielded by a pine tree's branches. I had a perfect view of our side's base where our flag was hanging. I could see through the back exit and out the front entrance. It was a bit of a wait but I picked off the last two players of the other team when they went in to snag our flag.

From then on I was hooked. saved the money and bought myself a BE tigershark, and played a bunch of outlaw ball along the wapsipinicon river with my brother and a couple of friends.
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Man.. that was so long ago. Got my first gun in 1999 as a birthday present.
I PLAYED A LOT over the next few years that all the games just run together any more.
Some of the highlights though:
First time at a sanctioned field. I was staring in awe at some dudes autococker, he let me shoot it, I was obsessed.

I spent a lot of time playing back-yard woods-ball at a boy-scout camp (when there were no scouts or campers)

One day we found an abandoned 3 story house on a farm in the middle of the woods and spent an entire day playing attack and defend. An ENTIRE DAY on 1 20oz Co2! Unheard of!
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My first game, I actually already had all of my own equipment. I figured that I was gonna love it, so I bought a PMI Piranha GTI, a tank, a Revvy, and a mask.

Of course, I went, and I hated it.

It was at VEP paintball in Vaughan, and I didn't understand the rules of speedball very well. The friend I went with was about to get bunkered, so I yelled from the deadbox.

VEP is one of those fields that all the speedball teams go to for practice(read: go to as a confidence booster by destroying renters and new players).

The guy that went to bunker him got shot, asked his buddy who yelled, who pointed at me, and the guy just lit me up. I was 12 years old. I hated paintball.

I figured that since I owned all the equipment, I should give it another go, so I went to a different field, and had a lot of fun that time. I actually bought another gun, then. I believe it was an Invert Mini, and I started playing tourneys with a team later that year.
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First time I played was when I was 11, I hated it. They used monsterball, crappy maskswhich fogged up all the time and the guns were falling apart. I got bunkered like 8 times by "pro's" or I thought they were lol.
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i believe it was the summer of '00 and i played outlaw on state land before it was knocked down to make houses. no chrono we would shoot a tree and see how much bark came off. (we were probly shooting 250) me and my buds all bought talons and went to town.
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Christmas 2003, We had the week off work between christmas and new years. Looking for stuff to do with my son. He was only 8 at the time but I lied on the waiver to get him on the field. Took him out one saturday and got rentals. We played all day and had a blast. Rec Ball field at New Gen Paintball in Easley SC. We were hooked. Went into the store at closing time and bought two 98's been hooked ever since.
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August or September 1985 at "War Games" in Rohnert Park, CA, off of Crane Canyon Road. The field was called The Mosquito Pit- with good reason. The first game Chris Finley and I took off at a dead run pulling this huge cloverleaf to the left. Chris and I were running through a cluster of trees (we had gone completely behind the other team) and suddenly Chris stopped, and I had just passed a tree- I hesitated and stepped backward and took a shot in my right side.

The guns were totally primitive-Pete. Base nelson 007's- they didn't even have pump handles. We wore shop goggles for the first year, then briefly Uvex goggles, then the field finally got some Oakley goggles- not for paintball, probably motocross or something. No chronographs- just shoot 'em and compare...We didn't even wear anything over our mouths back then.
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