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Brass and Wood Fan
Brute Bushmaster

I don't know where to put this but
bushmasters for sale new??
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Yeah. II sells odd stuff like that.

The only thing that might be the same as a line SI bolt and hammer assembly judging by the design it uses, but even that could be wrong.
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Wow - I remember paying a ton for my original Bushmaster back in the day (few hundred bucks, if I recall). Really wish I hadn't sold it, but then again, picking up a new one for $70 bucks, well - makes one think at least. Of course, don't know how I feel about a drop on that type of pump.....
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This is totally not a Line SI
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Brass and Wood Fan
even if it isnt si i still want it lol
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So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
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Oh boy...I love wood!
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well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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Brass and Wood Fan
I remember finding a post on here somewhere about these. I think somebody ordered one and it was very cheaply made.
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Brutes are probably the worst nelson based pumps you can buy.
definitely NOT Bushmaster.
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Seller just added the term bushmaster so it would come up if you were looking for the real deal, if I recall there was never a Brute Bushmaster. It's junk!

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I will second the brute being the worst nelson based marker ever made. I think they came from Brazil. and I seem to remember lots of plastic parts that really need to be metal.
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I recall from the last thread that they were "repackaged old stock".

Basically, IIsports was either sitting on a huge pile of warehoused Brutes, or someone else was, and they bought them up cheaply.... since that is there main form of business.

Then they put some lipstick on that pig. Its still not a bad deal. Its not terrible looking, except for that silly drop forwards, and the macroline... and that pot metal grip.. and the plastic pump..

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