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excess paint storages

im trying to figure out if its better to keep my extra paint in my caddy or in its original bag in a box, which should keep the deformaties down?
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I leave mine in original bag and box if I can. There is more weight on them if you have more than 500 rounds in a caddy (since there are only 500 rounds in a bag). Also the bags act as a vapor barrier against outside moisture.
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And the boxes are easier to rotate, especially if the bags haven't been opened. If they have been opened, put the paint into 1 gallon ziploc baggies, and then back into the box.

Which reminds me - I've got a box that I got almost a year ago and haven't rotated it once since then. *oops* At least I've kept it inside the house instead of outside in the garage, it would really be nasty by now if I'd done that.
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My crew uses the plastic coffe cans.
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Yep, coffee cans for me too. Fits a bag just about perfectly.
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Welcome to the world of pump. I buy as little paint possible. Then if all else fails I actually break out my space gun and try to really hose the field. Otherwise long term I keep it in the bag in an air conditioned space (closet) and away from direct sunlight. If you have any desicant handy toss a pack near the bags, not in if the balls dry out they can become brittle.
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I've heard of some people filling large ziploc freezer bags and laying the bags flat on shelves or wherever. Not practical for everyone, but the best way to store paint long term that i've heard of.
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If it’s already in the pod, just close it and lay it on its side. Make sure it’s not packed tight, but loosely packed. Rotate once a week. Not optimal, but good enough for short layovers.

If it’s in a bag, lay it on its side on a soft surface like plush carpet or polyurethane packing foam. I tend to skulk around the trash cans at work and pick up foam. Place it in a cool, dry place out of the light. Be creative -- think under the lowest shelf of a … shelf, or under a sofa, or under a bed.

I’ve successfully stored paint for years this way.

Another little secret which I have yet to see anyone else pick up on: I always buy the cheapest paint wherever I go.

“Quality” paint may have a thinner shell for supposedly better breakage, but the downside is that thin shelled paint does not hold up well under common conditions, including storage. It deforms much, much more easily than “crappy thick(er) shelled paint”. Sometimes it’s already deformed even though it’s fresh and just out of the box. So, yes, sometimes the "crappy" paint is actually more accurate than the "expensive" paint, straight out of the box.

I think most people who buy “expensive” paint take it on faith that it’s in better condition than the cheap paint as opposed to inspecting what they are actually getting.

The caveat is that some paint will degrade on its own no matter what you do. I believe Diablo Heat falls under this category. Some of the stuff you find at the sporting goods store also falls under this category.
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i use the plastic cases cd's come in. you break the center out of the 100 cd case ones and they'll hold 500-750 rounds
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I've got a bunch of late-90s K-Mart Brass Eagle 200 round jars that I store paint in. I usually keep a Valken/APX Dessicate packet in each jar to keep things nice and dry.
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