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Thrill Me!
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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
Snaparen. I need to know if that pump handle on that 007 is aluminum or plastic!

Better pics!
It is foam covered plastic. Called the soft grip.
Not the one you are looking for.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
the mods here suck...
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
My Feedback

Stuff I want or need evenually
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Location: Liberty Paintball, NY

I have 3.

Grey Ghost
JT Stealth in parts (I should probably part it out)
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Rush Springs, OK

My collection

1 tacamo mag fed X7
1 98 custom
1 68 carbine
1 warsensor WSP
1 Rebel
1 JT Tac 5
1 VL Prodigy E-Grip
1 Gameface Vexxor Eye
1 Virtued SFT Shocker

So 10 all together...........

1 Very empty Wallet!!!!!!! (and a large box of gear to use them all)
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Legal Eagle
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Brass and Wood Fan
let's see at the moment I have:

pumped trilly
Palmerized PG

so only 5 though that may grow to 6 as I'm looking at a mech Kaos for those days when I want to show up looking like a newbie and just run the field.

Feedback +38/-0
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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33 rounds per minute
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Location: Warwick Rhode Island

37 Working+1(Shocktech bushmaster bought yesterday)+ 3 icd mechs that need parts= 41
Joe D.

I Have FeedBack:
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Post Whore
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Location: Kansas City, MO

As of today

Ule Mag
Marq Rapper

Not sure what I want next.
Deadbox before Dishonor

Originally Posted by grimace View Post
Auto-Trigger. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother****er in the room, accept no substitutes.
Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.

MCB Trust
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MCB Member
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As long as I don't find another in the couch or hidden under something I am around 35.

Probably 20+ working
Probably 7+- that need work
and 3 perpetual projects

There are a few I just cant remember whats going on with them anymore. I am downsizing, I am going to be dropping that number to about 10 very soon, I need the money for a new mountain bike.

5 Autocockers
4 Automags
3 Grey Ghosts, 1 is a 2008 the others are older ones
3 Splatmasters
3 VM68's
2 Trracers
2 Spyders
2 68 Specials
2 Tippmann M98's
1 Tippman Prolite
1 Tippman SL68II
1 Sterling
1 WGP Ranger
1 Carter Comp, late 80's
1 Painting Targets Blade Runner
1 F4 Illustrator
1 POS Rap4

and 1 Etek

Edit: forgot that PT pistol thats around here somewhere!
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Join Date: Feb 2011

Brass and Wood Fan

Orracle pump
PGP 2k1
Axe Pro
Tippmann 98
Spyder VS2
Ion pump

Trying to fix the pump Ion and Splatmaster and sell those, sell the 98, buy a Tippmann Gryphon, Spyder RS and then put in an order for an S6. Then I can die happy lol
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Professional Hobbyist
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Location: North Gower, Ontario

Brass and Wood Fan
Kilt Club
As of right now, 4 plus 4 in pieces

PGP with Kframe
Brass Eagle TigerShark
SC Phantom
Valken SW-1
Ion in need of a mech kit
BT-4 that needs parts
PGP in pieces
Trracer lever build in progress
Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work, you can always hit him with it. Boris the Blade
If I'm buying something from you, please note that I live in Canada!

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Join Date: Feb 2011

Fan of EMR
Kilt Club
Electro x7 sold yesterday for 250
Mech broken x7 just sold on ebay
Black t8 mailed to tiny today
Silver and black t8 mailed to tiny today
5 spyders on ebay right now
So 1
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